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Case Studies

Cases as communication and business storytelling coach

In the last years, I have had the pleasure of working with companies like Heineken, LinkedIn, Ergo, Vinted, Netflix, World Energy Council Italy, ARTE, Q8, and Polaris.

I’ve also collaborated with universities and research institutes like Heidelberg University, Humboldt University, Max Delbrück, Heibrids.

I also partner with startup hubs like Factory Berlin, Silicon Allee, and Hyper Island and have coached dozens of early-stage startups.

In the meantime, I coached individuals in all industries.

Cases as digital marketing consultant

Previously I provided digital marketing consulting services to Netflix, Warner Bros. Pictures, SoundCloud, Panini,  MYmovies, Sony, Poste Italiane, Artinii, Redlink, Tommaso Lana, Club Criollo, Xister, Educazione Globale, WordLift. Each customer brings their unique story. Here I have tried to tell a few of those stories.

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