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E Fuori Nevica #socialmedia

format case studies e fuori nevica.001 Year: 2014
Client: Warner Bros. Pictures Italia
Service: Social Media
Live campaign: Facebook


A Warner Bros. movie based on a successful theater play and with a highly engaged fandom needs a quick transition to the mainstream.


We ran a social media campaign with a specific tone and medium: we drove enthusiasm through the use of video.

We focused on creating the right kind of video materials that our fans desired to interact with. We put the fans in the driver’s seat by inviting the talents to speak to them directly.

The audience felt important: their favorite comedy was speaking directly to them. They responded by interacting playfully, contributing original materials and maintaining a fun and healthy dialogue with the page.

Key benefits

The page achieved a remarkable average organic reach of almost half of the fans and multiplied by 5x the amount of original fans. The videos created for the campaign achieved stellar organic reach up to 10x the audience of the page. The tongue-in-cheek videos created specifically for the Facebook page accounted for 11% of the total video views. Overall, at the end of the campaign, Facebook accounted for 34% of video views vs. YouTube.

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