Hey, my name is Matteo Cassese, I help executives become assertive, emotionally intelligent, and empathetic leaders.

I want you to enjoy connecting with others like you never did before. Even with people you don’t like 
(and who might not like you).

I do it with emotional intelligence, business storytelling, and common sense.

Executives who work with me get promoted, motivate their team, move crowds to action, and manage difficult transitions.

I’ll give you a story that will truly connect with others. Help you give value, support your peers, reach your goals, and grow into the leader you wish to be.

And most importantly, enjoy the whole process.

These are all the companies I work with.

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In the past 2 decades, I’ve worked with professionals at top corporates, startups, and scaleups. 

In the industry, they call me a business coach.


I have published a website since 1993 and a blog since 2001. In 2011 I founded La Fabbrica della Realtà, an innovation laboratory focusing on coaching, training, diversity & inclusion. La Fabbrica della Realtà is a queer-owned & operated business that strives to be inclusive in all its activities.


I guide ambitious people to be themselves, help others and reach their career goals. The key is transforming ideas into stories. Once your stories flow, you will too. And you will speak with confidence and ease.

Let me show you how.


My experience spans managing digital marketing for multinational companies (Warner Bros.), teaching at university (Link Campus), consulting for digital unicorns (Netflix) and coaching the world’s top companies (Heineken, Vinted, Hello Fresh).

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Where do we begin?

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Are you a slave to your startup?

Your business isn’t just about results; it’s also about how you feel.
Ignore those feelings, and you won’t reach your goals.

I’m a coach with a superpower: I create a space for founders to be vulnerable yet safe. In this space, I work on:

  • How your authenticity determines all your choices.
  • How your imagination is in danger.
  • How you need to embrace conflict to become a powerful leader.
  • How you must stop just building products and start building worlds.

I’ve written a one-page manifesto. It’s time you read it. Access it below.


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Business Storytelling for Scaleups & Corporates

I deliver engaging masterclasses, interactive workshops & 1:1 coaching to executives in top companies.

ABN Amro | AWS | Heineken | Hello Fresh | LinkedIn | Netflix | Vinted | Arte | Ergo | TravelPerk | SoundCloud | Relayr

Business Storytelling for Scientists & Engineers

I deliver scientific and technical communication workshops to universities, research institutes, scientific programs & engineering companies.

Humboldt University | Heidelberg University | Max Delbrück | Fonda | Heibrids | Clear Bio | Polaris

A storytelling workshop with multiple participants sitting in a circle
REPERBAHN GenderEhSportsHub Business Storytelling And Presentation Skills Delovska

Pitch Doctor for Startups

I help individual startups craft the best investor & product pitches by collaborating with preeminent incubators, accelerators, and innovation networks.

Silicon Allee | Factory Berlin | Hyper Island | WordLift | HarBiz | The Do School | Giant Swarm | WikiRate | Infinit | Spaaan

Don’t take my word for it.

Here is what some of my clients had to say.

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I delivered a Storytelling for Scientists workshop at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine: “The workshop was very innovative and well structured, and brought to the surface challenges in scientific communication. […]  I would highly recommend it both as a team-building activity, as well as an introduction to a highly effective approach to science communication.”

Dr. Eirini Kouskoumvekaki

HEIBRiDS Project Manager, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine

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I delivered a Business Storytelling Workshop to the client facing team: “Our presentation skills workshop was entertaining, powerful, and inspiring. Matteo was easygoing and adapted to the energy in the room very fast. We had never done something similar; We had never tested our soft skills and improved them with an external professional. My highlight? We analyzed and made parallelisms between presentation flows and how stories are crafted in the entertainment industry.”

Anna Planas

Design Lead, Silberpuls

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I delivered a virtual event training to Sylwia’s team in 2021: “I would like to thank you on behalf of all my colleagues for very useful and inspirational training. It has really opened our minds and allowed to look at our events (and not only) from a different perspective. We will surely be putting into practice all we have learnt.”

Sylwia Miechurska

Events and Conferences Coordinator, Eumetsat


Mari followed one of my Virtual Presentation Webinars: “Great webinar Matteo! You have a nice and charismatic presence which creates a pleasant learning environment. I’m now curious and eager to explore the tools and tips to level up my presentation skills and looking forward to applying them. I left the session feeling energized and empowered.”

Mari Leone

Program Manager, Hyper Island

a saas company

SJ is one of my many communication coaching clients: “Working with Matteo was precisely what I needed. He brings a high degree of vitality and a refreshing & reflective viewpoint to varied topics. He guides you to places you were too scared to visit, and he is an excellent companion in the journey to self-discovery. I can highly recommend coaching with Matteo and shifting perspective.“


Senior Sales Director, SaaS Technology Solutions Company

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Laura, a coach herself, is one of my many coaching clients: “There are several amazing elements of Matteo’s way of working. Among them the depth of his observations, the very deep specific expertise on the topics, the simplicity in his approach.”

Laura Marinelli

Professional Coach

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I’ve never met Francois, but he’s followed one of my online courses: “[Business Storytelling] has already changed thoroughly the way I deliver my presentations. Guess what? I just arrived from a 3 hours presentation that made my audience fall from their chair. True story! People immediately signed up. After lunch I was confirmed to become their partner in sales development.”

Francois Laporte

Financial Consultant


Augusto followed one of my Virtual Presentation Webinars: “I wanted to thank you because yesterday’s webinar was really cool. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to follow a call (of 90 min!) without ever feeling the need to check my email or a newsfeed. You rock!”

Augusto Pirovano

Co-Founder, Livello 7

I’ve spoken at the following conferences:

Reeperbahn Festival, Tak Brzmi Miasto, SXSW Interactive, Campus Party, Newthinking, Unicorns, WordPress Wordcamp.

You’ve read about me on:

La Stampa, La Repubblica , Product Hunt, Launching Next, Startup Jungle, Mela Morsicata, The Perfect Job, and Italian Indie.

I care for inclusion.

La Fabbrica della Realta is a queer owned & operated business that strives to be inclusive in all its activities.

Let’s take this to the next level.

In the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Heineken, Ergo, SoundCloud, Vinted, Netflix, Warner Bros. Pictures, Panini, ARTE, WordLift and many others.

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Netflix La Fabbrica della Realtà Matteo Cassese

What are Matteo’s certifications?

Obtained certifications

ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Team Facilitation

ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Coaching

What is Business Storytelling

Business Storytelling refers to the use of the story structure for the purpose of internal and external communication, collaboration and marketing. Storytelling can be used to persuade peers, to sell to clients, to develop new marketing narratives, and even to reposition the company amongst the competition.

The science of storytelling can be a powerful tool in the hands of business people, as it empowers them to transcend the confines and tropes typical of business speak, and to start breaking boundaries with a powerful narrative to support their message.

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