Running a company is hard. But it can feel easy. You decide.

Skills, strategies, or hard work usually solve business problems.

When they don’t, the issue is internal, personal and emotional.

My coaching helps you grow your confidence, improve decision-making, change your mindset, and tap into your full potential to build successful businesses and lasting achievements.

Executive & Founder Coach Berlin

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Business Coaching For Executives, C-Suite & Founders

I guide you through discovering your ambitious vision, ensuring it’s genuine and rooted in your strengths.

I help you express this vision effectively, seamlessly addressing business challenges (like sales, funding, or scaling) and personal challenges (confidence, fear, or scarcity).

I then collect and organize all your stories under your brand and start building something bigger, a world for your customers to live in: a mythology.


Online or in-person at the myth maker farm

I serve online audiences worldwide from my base in Berlin, Germany. I also host off site intensive session at your preferred location or at myth maker farm in Berlin.

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When you run a company, something is always holding you back.
Make sure it’s not you.

Myth Maker’s coaching journey helps leaders grow their confidence, improve decision-making, change their mindset, and tap into their full potential to build successful businesses and lasting achievements.

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My name is Matteo Cassese.
I fix leaders

I am an executive and founder coach, a professional speaker, and a mythmaker. As a queer nerd passionate about mythology, technology, tarot, fitness, nature, and cars, I bring a unique perspective to my work.

My superpower is creating a space for you to be vulnerable yet safe.

My experience spans managing digital marketing for multinational companies (Warner Bros.), teaching at university (Link Campus), consulting for digital unicorns (Netflix), and coaching thousands of individuals.

Top leaders have top coaches behind them.

Secure the best executive coaching.

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