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Hi, my name is Matteo Cassese, and I’m a communication & business storytelling coach.


I help people gently overcome their blockers and communicate fluently in their personal and professional life.

I also help teams become tremendous storytellers, passionate problem solvers, and clear facilitators.

experience spans managing digital marketing for multinational companies (Warner Bros.), teaching at university (Link Campus), and consulting for digital unicorns (Netflix).


I’ve collected the most insightful stories from these experiences as case studies.

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I’m a digital pioneer.

I have published a website since 1993 and a blog since 2001. In 2011 I founded La Fabbrica della Realtà, an innovation laboratory focusing on coaching, training, diversity & inclusion. La Fabbrica della Realtà is a queer-owned & operated business that strives to be inclusive in all its activities.

A storyteller

As a storytelling student, I dove deep into the process of story creation, writing, and scriptwriting. My passion for effective communication led me to create training programs and workshops on openness, diversity, storytelling, communication & presentation skills.

And an innovator at heart.

Over the years, I have nurtured innovative startup projects focusing on entertainment (Filmizer, Trailerflow), education (Educazione Globale), training (Presentation Hero, Open Training), and diversity & inclusion (OUT as YOU).

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I am active on my blog, and you can subscribe to my almost monthly newsletter.

I spoke at many conferences , including SXSW Interactive, Campus Party, Newthinking, Unicorns, Wordcamp. My experiments, thoughts, and ideas have been featured in press outlets such as: La Stampa, La Repubblica , and digital media such as Product Hunt, Launching Next, Startup Jungle, Mela Morsicata, The Perfect Job, and Italian Indie.

Some of my favorite public speaking appearances are available on YouTube.

I am particularly proud of these talks.

How social media can be applied to culture (in Italian), Intimacy vs. Openness deathmatch (in English), Blog like Hollywood (in Italian), Time to leave for Berghain – Sobering tales from a frontier called identity (in English).

Over the years, I have enjoyed sharing my ideas in the form of online videos. Here is a small selection: 10 PresentationTips in 10 Minutes, My Fully Customized Standing Desk Setup, Presentation Hero Training: Know Your Audience.

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I live in the countryside near Berlin in an old farmhouse.

But you can also find me in Berlin usually at Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park. Let’s get a tea or a beer together if you’re in town. Or go for a walk & talk in the nature reserve where I live.

My experience as an employee spans from an early ISP (Flashnet) to a web agency (Interact), a 3G telco (Ipse 2000), and a multinational entertainment company (Warner Bros. Pictures).

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In my 7 years at Warner Bros. I have contributed to the production and distribution of more than 140 films.

During this time, I have also enjoyed teaching a course on Multimedia and Interactivity at the University of Palermo. I am a partner and collaborate with Link Campus University.


Planning, preparing, designing, and delivering presentations is one of my passions. You can sample my communication skills through my YouTube channel. For more information on my communication skills and business storytelling courses please contact me.

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I started my training business in 2011, and I am proud to present some great examples of my recent work as case studies.

In the past 10 years as a consultant, trainer, and coach, I’ve been advising multinational companies (Warner Bros., Sony, Netflix, Panini, Heineken, Ergo, LinkedIn, Arte), scaleups (Vinted, TravelPerk, SoundCloud) startups (WordLift), agencies (Xister Reply, SilberPuls).


I am especially proud of being one of leading experts in Business Storytelling: the missing methodology to get your organization to communicate fluently.

To learn more about my work history, explore the graphic below or look up my LinkedIn profile.


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Please don’t take my word for it…

Paolo was my lead when I was consulting for Netflix: “Matteo played a pivotal role in setting up and launching our digital marketing strategy in the Italian market. His tailored approach and team building integration is unique in the consultancy world and makes him a unicorn in terms of fitting into a fast paced, innovative tech environment like Netflix.”

Paolo Lorenzoni

Director Marketing Italy, Netflix


Maridé was my lead during a consulting gig for Panini: “The difference and the value added by La Fabbrica della Realtà is the willingness to share the strategy, by involving the client in all phases of the project and transferring know how. I recommend Matteo as an excellent guide to everyone who’s getting serious about digital media.”

Maridé Cipolletta

Content Manager & Special Projects Supervisor, Panini


I delivered a Storytelling for Scientists workshop at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine: “The workshop was very innovative and well structured, and brought to the surface challenges in scientific communication. […]  I would highly recommend it both as a team-building activity, as well as an introduction to a highly effective approach to science communication.”

Dr. Eirini Kouskoumvekaki

HEIBRiDS Project Manager, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine

I delivered a virtual event training to Sylwia’s team in 2021: “I would like to thank you on behalf of all my colleagues for very useful and inspirational training. It has really opened our minds and allowed to look at our events (and not only) from a different perspective. We will surely be putting into practice all we have learnt.”

Sylwia Miechurska

Events and Conferences Coordinator, Eumetsat

SJ is one of my many communication coaching clients: “Working with Matteo was precisely what I needed. He brings a high degree of vitality and a refreshing & reflective viewpoint to varied topics. He guides you to places you were too scared to visit, and he is an excellent companion in the journey to self-discovery. I can highly recommend coaching with Matteo and shifting perspective.


Senior Sales Director, SaaS Technology Solutions Company

I’ve never met Francois, but he’s followed one of my online courses: “[Business Storytelling] has already changed thoroughly the way I deliver my presentations. Guess what? I just arrived from a 3 hours presentation that made my audience fall from their chair. True story! People immediately signed up. After lunch I was confirmed to become their partner in sales development.”

Francois Laporte

Financial Consultant

I delivered a Business Storytelling Workshop to the client facing team: “Our presentation skills workshop was entertaining, powerful, and inspiring. Matteo was easygoing and adapted to the energy in the room very fast. We had never done something similar; We had never tested our soft skills and improved them with an external professional. My highlight? We analyzed and made parallelisms between presentation flows and how stories are crafted in the entertainment industry.”

Anna Planas

Design Lead, Silberpuls

Mari followed one of my Virtual Presentation Webinars: “Great webinar Matteo! You have a nice and charismatic presence which creates a pleasant learning environment. I’m now curious and eager to explore the tools and tips to level up my presentation skills and looking forward to applying them. I left the session feeling energized and empowered.”

Mari Leone

Program Manager, Hyper Island

Laura, a coach herself, is one of my many coaching clients: “There are several amazing elements of Matteo’s way of working. Among them the depth of his observations, the very deep specific expertise on the topics, the simplicity in his approach.”

Laura Marinelli

Professional Coach

Augusto followed one of my Virtual Presentation Webinars: “I wanted to thank you because yesterday’s webinar was really cool.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to follow a call (of 90 min!) without ever feeling the need to check my email or a newsfeed.
You rock!”

Augusto Pirovano

Co-Founder, Livello 7

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