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I am an executive and founder coach, a professional speaker, and a mythmaker. As a queer nerd passionate about mythology, technology, tarot, fitness, nature, and cars, I bring a unique perspective to my work.

My superpower is creating a space for you to be vulnerable yet safe.

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Executive and Founder Coach

Skills, strategies, or hard work usually solve business problems. When they don’t, the issue is internal, personal and emotional. My coaching helps you grow your confidence, improve decision-making, change your mindset, and tap into your full potential to build successful businesses and lasting achievements.

Myth maker

I guide you through discovering your ambitious vision, ensuring it’s genuine and rooted in your strengths. I help you express this vision effectively, seamlessly addressing business challenges (like sales, funding, or scaling) and personal challenges (confidence, fear, or scarcity). I then collect and organize all your stories under your brand and start building something bigger, a world for your customers to live in: a mythology.

How did we get here?

I never set out to become a business coach; you made me one. With experience in corporate roles (Warner Bros.), consulting (Netflix), and teaching (Unilink), I found my way to coaching thousands of individuals across various industries. To be the best coach in the world, I bring my true self to every encounter with you.

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These are some of the companies I work with.

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In the past 2 decades, I’ve worked with professionals at top corporates, startups, and scaleups. 

I am active on my blog, and you can subscribe to my business coaching newsletter.

I spoke at many conferences, including SXSW Interactive, Campus Party, Freelance Unlocked, Newthinking, Unicorns, Wordcamp. My experiments, thoughts, and ideas have been featured in press outlets such as: La Stampa, La Repubblica , and digital media such as Product Hunt, Launching Next, Startup Jungle, Mela Morsicata, The Perfect Job, and Italian Indie.

Some of my favorite professional speaking appearances are available on this page.

I am particularly proud of these talks.

Why you struggle to sell yourself and how to fix it (in English), Business Storytelling Masterclass (in English), How social media can be applied to culture (in Italian), Run your blog like Hollywood (in Italian).

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I host my top clients at the myth maker farm, in the countryside near Berlin.

But you can also find me in Berlin or we can go for a walk & talk in the nature reserve where I live.

My experience as an employee spans from an early ISP (Flashnet) to a web agency (Interact), a 3G telco (Ipse 2000), and a multinational entertainment company (Warner Bros. Pictures).

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In my 7 years at Warner Bros. I have contributed to the production and distribution of more than 140 films.

During this time, I have also enjoyed teaching a course on Multimedia and Interactivity at the University of Palermo. I am a partner and collaborate with Link Campus University.

Planning, preparing, designing, and delivering presentations is one of my passions. You can sample my communication skills through my YouTube channel. For more information on my professional speaking and keynote availability please contact me.

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I started my coaching business in 2011, and I am proud to present some great examples of my recent work as testimonials.

In the past 10 years as a consultant, trainer, and coach, I’ve been advising multinational companies (Warner Bros., Sony, Netflix, Panini, Heineken, Ergo, LinkedIn, Arte), scaleups (Vinted, TravelPerk, SoundCloud) startups (WordLift), agencies (Xister Reply, SilberPuls).

I am especially proud of being one of leading experts in Business Coaching.

To learn more about my work history look up my LinkedIn profile.

When not working, I am most probably training, trekking, or driving interesting cars.


Please don’t take my word for it…


Ray is one of the founders I coach inside myth maker: “Excruciatingly useful. It makes it super fun to do things and super fun to just be. I can really think out of the box. All people in positions of power should do this.”

Ray Tarantino

Founder, Forequest


Charly is one of the founders I coach inside myth maker: “A complete game-changer. I have never felt more fucking powerful. I felt like I could take on the world after our call. I felt like it was my narrative again. I felt like a new woman. It was amazing.”

Charly Machin

Founder, Driller Queens


Grazia, a coach herself, was in the audience of a recent keynote: “Your talk got that adrenaline in the audience too, as I was buzzing afterwards! You killed it on stage 👏💪 Absolutely loved the concept of living in a myth with all its related Lingo. Will start creating my myth too for me and my clients!”

Grazia Ravelli

Mindset & Performance Coach


Augusto followed one of my Online Webinars: “I wanted to thank you because yesterday’s webinar was really cool. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to follow a call (of 90 min!) without ever feeling the need to check my email or a newsfeed. You rock!”

Augusto Pirovano

Co-Founder, Livello 7


Marc joined me at the myth maker farm for a retreat: “The experience was so good, it’s hard to put into words. A business retreat in the middle of a nature paradise setting with a zen family vibe. The networking and exchanges with like-minded entrepreneurs were so valuable. Matteo is the perfect host making sure our every needs were met, both in business and spirit.”

Marc Green

Founder, Maxilingual – TEDx Speaker


Jen joined me at the myth maker farm for a retreat: “A truly magical experience in the German countryside with a wonderful host. The farm is idyllic, the vintage cars are dreamy, the chance to talk about business with peers is priceless. Thank you Matteo.”

Jennifer Bishop

Founder, Bearskin – LinkedIn Guru


Katja is one of the founders I coach inside myth maker: “I never felt so connected with myself and my own decision-making. Yes, it was business coaching, but we discussed so much more than just business: our feelings, personalities, and values that ultimately influence our business decisions. I felt understood and not alone anymore.”

Katja Hamler

Founder, Urban Kiwi


Mari followed one of my Online Webinars: “Great webinar Matteo! You have a nice and charismatic presence which creates a pleasant learning environment. I left the session feeling energized and empowered.”

Mari Leone

Program Manager, Hyper Island


Rémy joined me at the myth maker farm for a retreat: “Here is my feedback on myth maker farm: it is a great experience. The food is marvelous, the cars incredible and there is this vibe where we can sit, relax and reflect on ourselves much more than anywhere else. For business owners, this place is a must. Thank you Matteo for you generosity and your ability to make people feel like home.”

Rémy Lach

Watercolor teacher, Business Consultant, YouTube Guru

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SJ is one of my many executive coaching clients: “Working with Matteo was precisely what I needed. He brings a high degree of vitality and a refreshing & reflective viewpoint to varied topics. He guides you to places you were too scared to visit, and he is an excellent companion in the journey to self-discovery. I can highly recommend coaching with Matteo and shifting perspective.“


Vice President – International Business, SaaS Technology Solutions Company

How can I help you?

The best way to find out is to read my manifesto.

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