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WEC Italy #BusinessStorytelling

Year: 2020
Client: World Energy Council Italy
Service: Business Storytelling Coach

“Matteo patiently and brilliantly guided WEC Italy’s team towards remote and digital work. He first understood our needs and the way we work, then started proposing solutions. This approach made Matteo more of an experienced colleague than a simple trainer. I suggest Matteo to everyone ready to improve individual and team productivity, effectiveness, and digital skills.”

Paolo D’Ermo – Secretary General WEC Italy


A wide-ranging training to cover urgent needs sparked by working from home and the pandemic.


La Fabbrica della Realtà stepped in to solve practical organizational issues regarding creating virtual events, working remotely as a team, and finding productivity even at home.

We have made available to WEC Italy a wide range of training topics. These topics have then been personalized to their needs and delivered during live training sessions and practical workshops.

Key Benefits

We integrated the training program into the team’s daily workflow, making each session as practical and actionable as possible.
By working on day-to-day needs, we could make an impact from the first hour of training. By focusing on the team’s needs, we could see and comment on results session by session.

The work has spanned from sharing complex concepts to small workshops, researching specific tools, and implementing these tools in the daily workflow.

La Fabbrica della Realtà has been simultaneously acting as a trainer, external innovation laboratory, and coach. This is Open Training: a mix of innovation, skills transfer, and empathy.

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