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Year: 2022
Client: A Technology Startup
Service: Business Storytelling Coaching

Finding Your Female Voice in a Male Industry

How does a strong, talented woman find her authentic voice in a male-dominated company? Anna is a capable sales professional struggling with two concurrent issues: one is under her control, and the other is systemic. Her brief: “I don’t want to feel anxious. On the contrary, I need to speak up. Plus, I am in sales conversations all day: how do I best manage those conversations?”

Content Builds Confidence

My coaching is 70% role play, 20% coaching, and 10% training. The work with Anna focused on this pattern. We found situations where she was not comfortable and reproduced them. No judgment is allowed, but an openness for feedback.

Coaching helped us explore the problem: where does fear of public speaking come from? What strategies can we use to avoid it? As this became clearer and more manageable, our focus shifted to the sales calls. Through trial and error, we started refining the structure of the first customer approach.

The Result: A Strong Boss, a Great Salesperson, a Happy Speaker

Anna went above and beyond with her communication. First, she started immediately to deliver the new sales pitch to customers. During our coaching, she onboarded her first team member whom she started coaching herself. With a great result: the new hire was able to demo a complex software solution in front of clients just 2 weeks after starting the new job.

My client hasn’t just overcome anxiety. She started to seek speaking opportunities for herself. For instance, talking about women in tech at a Google event recently. I can attest that she’s on her way to finding her voice. Her problem is solved. Through her confidence, we’ve also made a little step in including women in the tech world. The battle still goes on… Join WomenTech Network to know how you can help.

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