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format case studies poste.011 Year: 2015
Client: Poste Italiane
Service: Presentation Hero


Take a presentation, one with slides and all. Subtract the time to prepare. Add the pressure of a live event and you will have the core of “Instant Replay,” a presentation format developed by La Fabbrica della Realtà for Poste Italiane.

“Instant Replay” is the best way to wrap up any event. By underlining the most salient points of a talk and tracking the Q&A in real time, it allows the audience to experience a summary of the event while it is drawing to a close.

Taking part is just one step in the process of gaining a lasting benefit from an experience. This is why we augmented the live event by providing a memento for the audience less than 12 hours after it ended, directly in their inbox. This second format aids the audience not only in remembering, but also in making sense of the experience when it’s time to transform it into something actionable.


To overcome the challenge we needed to align three different vectors.
A technological vector that would allow us to create presentations in real time.
A humanistic vector that would allow us to deeply understand the content of the event and still look at it with the fresh eyes of the audience.
A design vector that would support any kind of content, 100% of the time.

Luckily that’s what La Fabbrica della Realtà is best at: marrying ideas and technology with a special eye on the human equation. We were even more enthusiastic because of the fantastic theme of the events: what can managers, companies and leaders learn from Shakespeare.

Shakespeare naturally added a rich layer to our work. We needed not only to find the right technology and the right design, but most importantly – to honor the Bard himself – the right words!

Key benefits

Instant Replay makes it possible to experience a live event in a new way. It effectively underlines the keywords and phrases and frames them into lasting memories for the audience by rebroadcasting both the main concepts that come from a talk and the spontaneous debate of a group.

Our pride and joy is to make the complex easier to understand, to help our client make sense of the value they are providing, and to enhance the experience of the audience with fresh, consistent and meaningful stimuli.

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