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Xister Case Study

Year: 2015
Client: Xister
Service: Presentation Hero


A two-prong approach to excellence in presentations:
– an engaging workshop aimed at transferring tools and techniques to craft great presentations;
– a makeover of the standard company pitch, ahead of critical international appointments and pitches.


Xister is an international digital media agency specialized in the food, fashion, and automotive spaces. As an agency, they are natural presentations makers.

Each new client pitch, each new proposal, each new creative asset is delivered in the form of slides. Presentations are a strategic asset for an agency.

We involved a team of juniors and seniors in a fun interactive workshop. We experienced together what it means to story-tell through slides. We also dove into how to organize slides visually.

The fresh approach of Presentation Hero was so functional to the agency’s goals that Xister wanted to take our work a step further. They involved me as a consultant in the definition of their very own company presentation. The company pitch is often the essential piece of marketing that companies overlook.

I was able to challenge the business as usual of boring pitch presentations. With fresh eyes, we created a storyline that accompanies the reader on a journey of discovery. But dealing with the company pitch was not just a storytelling or design challenge. We explored the core of the value proposition of the agency. This allowed us to develop a new and unique positioning that guides the international expansion of the agency.

Key Benefits

We mixed training and workshops to produce a tangible business result: a new winning corporate pitch. This same pitch later became the structure of the revised corporate site.

Sharing powerful, transformative ideas such as the Presentation Hero storytelling structure can bring teams together, make work easier, and spark brilliant new ideas.

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