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Embodied Learning Project #businessinnovation

format case studies lana.012 Year: 2014/2015
Client: Tommaso Lana
Service: Business Innovation

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If you ask me to describe my dream job it’s quite simply the one where I provide a ton of value and allow my partner to shine. And when Tommaso Lana, coach and education consultant, asked me to collaborate in developing and communicating his business, I knew that it was that kind of assignment: a dream job.

Being a great coach, Tommaso always knows what a customer needs when he meets them.
His problem was: how do you approach new customers and explain what you do? It’s quite difficult to explain his multi-faceted approach, his work, and his background.

His approach to the customer relationship – what we internally like to call the “Lana Method” – comes from Tommaso’s unique blend of educational background (in history and pedagogy), love for development & education, passion for excellent communication, and a particular ability to shed light on situations and people. When solving problems for clients, he brings all of this to the table.


We had to figure out a way to communicate this. The seeds to the solution were already planted. All I had to do was water them. What they needed to grow was one key word: productize.

I didn’t need to do much more. Out of the fertile ground of Tommaso’s existing business came the description of what he was already realizing for his clients, plus all the potential new products that could be delivered. All that was needed at this point was to start communicating these new concepts to the world.

The first step of this ongoing effort was to overhaul the web presence of the business. This required asking and answering a whole slew of questions, a little design work, and looking at the future of the educational sector.

Key benefits

The result is here, under What I like about it is that it’s 100% Tommaso Lana. Let me explain: I am captured by his gaze on the home page, and immediately gain access to brief explanations of his sophisticated training products. The Method page is a pleasure to read, as I get to know him through his masters and the explanation of his personal methodology. Just a quick check on his bio and I am ready to buy.

Are you as well?

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