Business Innovation

"Some people get energy from nature, some from numbers. I love to tinker with the gears and dials of a business. It's what makes me tick, and where I shine."

Business Innovation may seem a buzzword devoid of meaning, representing a world made of canvases, workshops & a deluge of post-it notes.

But when you focus in on the goals of a business and how to drive them through innovation, you realize that innovation, in practice, is something you can touch. 

We're not strong on workshops and experiences, we rather focus our energies on analysing your business with you, involving all the major stakeholders, and accelerating your change process through the delivery of tailored information, tools and techniques.

Business Innovation

There's no business innovation like another, but we have a few north stars. These are:

  • Disruption can happen to any market, it's better to foster a culture where your own company will develop the new disruptive ideas, rather than being overtaken by the ideas of competitors.
  • Product market fit is the main goal for companies, services and product ranges.
  • Good sales come from great products, that's why we focus on product design, internal culture and marketing. Our objective is to help you create something that sells itself.

We're very proud to have started many companies inside La Fabbrica della Realtà (Filmizer, Trailerflow) and helped many other like Tommaso Lana in their path to restart their business.

You should really hire La Fabbrica della Realtà for your business innovation if:

  • You're an established company ready to open up to the upside of allowing new processes and ideas in, while boosting the culture you're already nurturing inside.
  • You're a funded startup struggling with finding the right organization, product and market fit.
  • You manage a division that needs to differentiate itself within the company through better interaction, design and innovation.

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