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A Business Storytelling Workshop for a Growing Product Design Agency

Year: 2021
Client: Silberpuls
Service: Business Storytelling Workshop

The Business Storytelling Workshop: a Hands-On Learning Opportunity

A tailor-made live interactive workshop to help a growing product design agency with their client communications.

Improve Presentations to Grow the Customer Relationship

For Silberpuls, I upgraded the Business Storytelling Workshop concept. The result was a free-flowing conversation where the team guided me into delivering precisely the information & the techniques they needed. 

Presentations are the primary medium used by agencies to communicate with their clients. So we focused on presenting customer research, design, and UI/UX to current and future customers. 

By having clear goals but a loose enough structure, we focused on the themes that mattered the most and understood together how and when to wow, explain, motivate, and conclude.

The Bottom-Line Benefits of a Business Storytelling Workshop

Their customer relationships dictate the success of an agency. Each time Silberpuls presents a fresh design, new research findings, innovative UI/UX, they have a chance to develop that relationship. And better relationships make better business. 

Communicating clearly for an agency has an impact on the bottom line. But don’t take my word for it. This is what Anna Planas, Design Lead at Silberpuls had to say:

“Our storytelling workshop was entertaining, powerful, and inspiring. Matteo was easygoing and adapted to the energy in the room very fast. We had never done something similar; We had never tested our soft skills and improved them with an external professional. My highlight? We analyzed and made parallelisms between presentation flows and how stories are crafted in the entertainment industry. We are looking forward to bringing these new learnings to the team and individually push further from Matteo’s fresh input.”

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