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Leverage storytelling to engage, clarify, entertain, persuade, sell, educate and inspire. Connect with your peers and prospects at a deeper level. Use stories to prime your audience emotionally and intellectually, make yourself heard, and get your point across.

Master the Power of Business Storytelling


If you want to turn your business into a successful brand, tell a better story, and build your reputation through storytelling.
Business storytelling uses the story structure for internal and external communication, collaboration, and marketing.

It’s a universal set of tools that you can use to create a memo, a paper, a press release, a presentation, a video, or a long-term business strategy.

My approach to storytelling is practical: learn how to raise attention, engage your audience, leverage conflict, and close any interaction like a seasoned pro. It’s easy if you know how to apply the traditional three act structure in business.

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Coaching Sessions That Get Results


Craft your own personal and business narratives with the help of an expert coach who has worked for a major Hollywood company as a Story Analyst and has trained and coached individuals and organizations since 2014.

I’m Matteo, and I will provide you with a powerful toolbox to perfect your narrative abilities in every aspect of your life and work.

Business Storytelling Coaching Solutions

Business Storytelling

  • Business Strategy
  • Corporate comms
  • Financial reporting
  • Customer relations

Change & Transform

  • Change Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Open Innovation
  • Meetups & Hackathons

Marketing & Sales

  • Marketing narratives
  • Advertising materials
  • Sales narratives
  • Pitch structure

Internal communication

  • Human resources
  • Memo writing
  • Presentations
  • Leadership

Storytelling Coaching For Innovation

Innovation can’t happen in isolation. New ideas need to spread and catch the world’s imagination. Successful innovators are naturally great storytellers.
With your storytelling coach & trainer, you will learn how to explain innovation with empathy, making meaning, and inspiring your audience.

Storytelling Coaching For Digital Transformation

Transformation needs to be explained, comprehended, and accepted. Business Storytelling deals with transformation at its core and is the perfect companion of a successfully deployed digital transformation project.
With your storytelling coach & trainer, you will enable your digital transformation team with a superpower: the ability to cut through the natural resistance of your organization and get the job done.

Storytelling Coaching For Communication

Business storytelling is not about stories; it’s about narratives. Anecdotes may be a part of it, but the core of storytelling is engaging with the audience by pushing their buttons. Only grand narratives establish strong connections with audiences. This is why storytelling is essential in communication.

Storytelling Coaching For Leadership

Leaders should clarify, inspire and persuade their peers. Great narratives are at their service to build loyalty, trust, credibility, and sales.
With your storytelling coach & trainer, you will learn how to build relationships with stakeholders, describe your mission and vision and create compelling stories that resonate with your audience.

Storytelling Coaching for Team Building

Teams are united by what makes them human. Stories are how we make sense of the world, how we identify and feel part of a group.
With your storytelling coach & trainer, you will learn how to use stories as a foundation for sharing ideas, focusing on the collective, building trust, and empowering everyone.

Storytelling Coaching for Productivity

Senseless work and pointless meetings don’t belong in healthy organizations. Short, to-the-point meetings that stir interesting debate and produce effective outcomes do.
With your storytelling coach & trainer, you will focus on what makes you and your team more productive, make sense of why you enjoy some work more than other and restructure the way you run meetings using storytelling.

Storytelling Coaching For Change Management

Change is hard. Organizations are creatures of habit. But if a change is part of a narrative, organizations can make better sense of it and even adopt it enthusiastically.
With your storytelling coach & trainer, you will be able to influence the mindset of your peers and make them eager for change.

Storytelling Coaching For Professional Speakers

Projecting confidence and speaking skillfully is just the start for professional speakers. An ironclad narrative can help them transcend and reach the hearts and minds of their audience.
With your storytelling coach & trainer, you will get your presentations to the next level and be able to deliver TED-style presentations effortlessly.

What Areas Can Storytelling Coaching Impact?

  • Presentations: story structure, better visuals, more emotional involvement, better connection to your audience
  • Sales: persuasion and engagement without being “salesy,” organic conversations rather than presentations
  • Internal communication: better emails, memos, and hall-hands
  • Meetings: structured meetings with clear roles for the participants and effective outcomes
  • Workshops: hands-on workshops with a strong narrative line that satisfy and engage the participants
  • Change management: transform change into a narrative, empathize and make sense, transform resistance into enthusiasm
  • Marketing: better marketing strategy, more effective marketing materials
  • Human Resources: dynamic job descriptions and ads, more engaging interviews
  • Digital Transformation: involve peers in the process and let them lead the change rather than be lead by change
  • Public Relations: craft better PR strategies and materials
  • Customer Relations: embed your customers in your business story
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What is a storytelling coach?

A storytelling coach helps their clients in crafting narratives that engage, inspire and persuade. Their role is to guide their clients in the creation of story structures that have a strong beginning, a powerful middle, and an effective ending.
These narratives can then become presentations, emails, sales pitches, advertising materials, or even strategies.

A storytelling workshop with multiple participants sitting in a circle

How is Storytelling Coaching Structured?


Storytelling coaching is a hands-on, high-context support activity where the coach and the coachee collaborate in defining what a great narrative is and then engage in the process of creating one.
Storytelling coaching can happen in person or remotely, in an intensive fashion, or distributed over a longer period of time.
No pre-requisites are required. At any point in your career, you can begin your path and become a great storyteller.

A storytelling workshop with multiple participants sitting in a circle

Business Storytelling Theory and Examples


When you analyze stories, you start to recognize patterns. The most common pattern is the Hero’s Journey, a 17 step process that summarises the common elements of art, myth, book, and cinematic entertainment.
In my research, I’ve gone at the core of the path of the Hero/Heroine and derived my own framework to use age-old principles in business.

More on my research

Apple, Tesla, Disney, and Netflix are just some of the successful companies that leverage storytelling around and even inside their products.

More examples

Sales Presentation Coaching

Over the years, I’ve used storytelling to help countless clients. Here are some of those clients.





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xister case

“If you’re gearing up for your next pitch and you’re not already using Presentation Hero, you either are a genius or… you’re doing it all wrong.”

Andrea Volpini

Founder & CEO, Wordlift

“[Presentation Hero] has already changed thoroughly the way I deliver my presentations. Guess what? I just arrived from a 3 hours presentation that made my audience fall from their chair. True story! People immediately signed up. After lunch I was confirmed to become their partner in sales development.”

Francois Laporte

Financial Consultant

“Incorporating Presentation Hero into my Public Speaking class yielded tangible results in the quality of my students’ presentations. From planning to slide creation to delivery, Presentation Hero guided students through the entire process with accessible videos and a well-founded theoretical framework.”

Stephanie Richards

Professor, John Cabot University

“In collaboration with Matteo we are able to develop presentations for our clients with a proven methodology. It gives us a firm structure through which we create better, engaging presentations. What’s more; our clients become better, more confident presenters themselves!”

Roelof Hengst

Partner, Winning by Design


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