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Educazione Globale #digitalmarketing

Educazione Globale - Case Studies Year: 2013
Client: Elisabetta Cassese
Service: Digital Marketing

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A vertical blog devoted to parents that live in the networked, global world.


When my sister told me she wanted to publish a blog I was enthusiastic: I’m always up for providing my family with technology.

Our collaboration started with some good old naming advice, then I helped her through the maze of WordPress themes and dashboards until she was confident not only publishing, but also optimizing the site for SEO all on her own.

How to raise kids in a cosmopolitan, global world? Well, I haven’t got a clue. Fortunately, Elisabetta does, and she is sharing her insight with other enthusiastic, concerned, smart, happy parents.

Key benefits

The blog is up since a 2013, we are obviously still playing around with it, but in the meantime I have had the pleasure to see the internet do its magic again.

The network of parenting sites where my sister was an active commenter has now integrated her as an important node. Google has taken notice and distributes a fair amount of traffic. Social media is picking up quickly. The focus of the blog has been on giving practical advice to a community and producing quality content.

By being an active part of the community, my sister has been in an ideal position: she understands the issues, worries and aspirations of other parents, she is in the best position to care for the needs of her community.

A lot can be accomplished from that position. Watch her space!

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