Digital Marketing

"When I first started making web pages in 1993, I had no idea that a world of social media, SEO, video advertising and real time bidding was coming.
We now live in a digital, interactive landscape that is way more complex than I ever wished."

To help you negotiate digital marketing, we've decided not to specialize in one single technique. Our job is to support you, looking for the right positioning while scrutinizing your target audience.

We're good at showing you the way through the maze of possible channels. We're great at making sure you understand the nuances of the landscape and perfectly decrypt 3 letter acronyms such as SEO, and buzzwords like 'programmatic marketing'. We're awesome when it comes to make you wiser and smarter. We're terrific at putting together the team you need.

We're extraordinary when it comes to defining with you a complete digital marketing strategy.

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We're also pretty good at providing you with all the necessary tools and tactics to succeed in social, paid and earned media. We will put our extensive knowledge at your service in order to help you analyze the results and interpret data.

We're outstanding when it comes to working with creative ideas and execution and we’ve particularly specialized in entertainment marketing.

And even though we prefer to work with cultural artifacts, we love all products and services equally.

We're unbelievably proud that Warner Bros. Pictures, Netflix, Panini, Vision & Wordlift have benefited from our experience in digital marketing and let us tell the story of our engagement as case studies.

You should really hire La Fabbrica della Realtà for your digital marketing if you:

  • Want a personalized, tailor-made plan.
  • Want to understand, not just delegate.
  • Require consultants able to comprehend the deep complexities of your offer.

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