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Netflix Italy Case Study Year: 2015-2017
Client: Netflix
Service: Digital Marketing


An expert local guide for the marketing efforts of an innovative service with a proven launch strategy.


At La Fabbrica della Realtà we deeply understand and appreciate cultural products – such as books, movies and tv series – but we are also extremely passionate about innovation and new technologies.

With Netflix therefore we have our ideal client: deeply driven by startup values such as being customer-focused and technologically innovative, they are also among the best in the world at creating entertainment experiences with high quality content.

Bringing such a reality to market is a multi-layered challenge.

Netflix in Italy opens up a new market: it introduces not only a new paradigm, but also the terminology that goes with it.

Netflix in Italy upholds a new ethic: it must to communicate and promote the degrees of freedom it provides. The ability to watch anywhere, the liberty of not being bound by contracts and clauses.

Netflix in Italy brings years of advancement: it must showcase its focus on user experience and deliver a campaign that is easy and friendly, just like the service it provides.

Netflix in Italy wants to satisfy the local audience: it needs to introduce original series and films that change the way television is made and consumed.

To contribute to this multi-layered challenge, La Fabbrica della Realtà has made available its perception, sensibility and understanding of Italy’s entertainment industry and provided strategic advice and support throughout the Italian launch of the service.

Key Benefits

We’ve provided the possibility to accurately translate a key-launch and marketing strategy – conceived by one of the best marketing teams on the planet – into local plans, new opportunities and fresh ideas.

We are able to deliver because we uphold the same values, share the same vision for technology and passion for entertainment.

But there’s something else. With Netflix, we’ve introduced a new concept into the heart of Italian culture: binge watching!

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