Justice League #digitalmarketing

format case studies.001 Year: 2018
Client: Warner Bros.
Partner: made in com
Service: Digital Marketing + Social Media


We were the lead agency for the digital release of one of Warner Bros. most important titles of the year: Justice League.


To best serve our client we brought together the consulting expertise of La Fabbrica della Realtà with the full service agency approach of Made in Com.

Together we were able to draft an overall strategy spanning from the approach to advertising, media, messaging, PR, online PR and social. This initial sweep, based on the marketing plan template (download it here), allowed us to sync with the needs of the client and start producing fresh ideas for the campaign.

Together with our client, we established a PR, online PR and social campaign. We also decided that we needed to produce bespoke content tailored to the local audience.

We focused on the production of a “reaction video,” with an added twist. The YouTubers involved would not just watch the movie, but react to it superhero style: with emotions, humor and choreographed fight scenes.

Fans of the movie and of the YouTubers were delighted. As were all the fans we interacted with through a personable, human community management. Receiving kudos from fans was the most satisfactory result of the campaign.

Our approach to community management was also instrumental in discouraging partisanship and creating a more harmonious debate around a polarizing property.

Key Benefits

We carefully mixed assets produced for international use with local wisdom to create a bespoke experience for our Italian fans.

On social we focused on the conversation, while using social advertising formats to drive traffic to the most important digital platforms.

With the reaction video we were able to gather over 300K views and rank #16 amongst the most viewed videos of the key influencer involved.

A commenter summed it up best: this is “how YouTube and YouTube advertising should be done.”

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