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Warner Bros. Action Plan #socialmedia

format case studies wb.010 Year: 2014-2016
Client: Warner Bros. Pictures Italia
Service: Social Media


Brands often interpret social media as a “one-size-fits-all” channel and feed them all the same content. A strong action plan focuses on the language of each social space and develops relevant conversations based on specific content.

Gone are the days when social media was used to “drive traffic.” Content now needs to grow and live inside each social channel. It is created and curated with each specific channel in mind. If it leaves the channel and goes to pollinate another social network that is a happy and welcome exception, but not the norm.

This is why Warner Bros. Italia needed a targeted content creation and distribution strategy in order to extend its presence to more channels.
After many experiments we settled on four different social networks, each with their own benefits and opportunities: Storify, Tumblr, Linkedin and Vine.


Movies have a core advantage over any other social content: they are stories. Stories we want to follow, and take part in, stories that make us dream, that grow up with us and become a part of our lives.

Each story is unique, like the channel and the demographics found on each channel. This calls for the creation of very specific content for each network.

Tumblr is a flow of stimulating visuals that tickle our desire for beauty and our curiosity about the world. Tumblr stimulates the senses, it makes us laugh, occasionally has us looking at the same thing twice, looking for a deeper layer. Tumblr is as visual an instrument as cinema itself, thus is used by Hollywood with increasing frequency.

Storify is a time machine. It’s able to “fix” the fleeting social media instant and bring you to a different time, to be re-lived and re-experienced with different eyes. It takes you outside of the rushing flow of updates where the original material could have been drowned. Stories are at the core here; this is why it’s an ideal way to narrate cinema.

Vine is a demonstration that creativity is born from constraint. The short, hard to edit format is an ideal way to exploit creative genius because it requires you to rethink your message and deliver it in 6 seconds. And it shows the power of visual storytelling. Cinema has the same power. A few frames and we are captured in a narrative, in a visual discourse that can let our imagination travel a thousand miles. On Vine you get 6 seconds for a movie, a mood, an actor, an idea. Vine & cinematic storytelling is a match made in heaven.

Linkedin provides an organic space to extend the natural brand values of Warner. By injecting entertainment in this professional network we were able to gain a fresh, engaged new audience.

Key benefits

When you’re traveling to a foreign land your dream is to talk, act and think like the natives. The action plan on Vine, Storify, Linkedin and Tumblr does just that: it takes apart the language of cinema and reconnects the grammar to create native messages in each specific social network, speaking like a native.

The objectives:
To cover some of the emerging social channels with native content and powerful remixes.
To join new communities of fans and potential customers where they hang out today and start new conversations that can be carried out in a variety of social situations.
And to be a strong presence everywhere, as a pervasive medium like cinema should be.

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