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Year: 2013
Client: Warner Bros. Pictures Italia
Service: Social Media


An action plan aimed at remixing, re-contextualizing, suggesting, reminding, interlinking Pacific Rim with popular culture.


Implant the theme, the story, the ambiance, the spirit, the culture, the imaginary of the Warner Bros. movie in established and emerging social media.

By concentrating the activity on the less heavily marketed spaces we increased our effectiveness.

By crossing over to the “unofficial” space we were able to have “creative license” to go beyond the limitation of approved materials, working with techniques such as the remix, the juxtaposition, the hyperbole.

Starting from a deep analysis of the story and the themes of the film we agreed with the client on 7 overarching themes to be expanded over the course of more than 2 months of campaign on 9 social channels.

The selection of the social spaces where the action plan has been present has been critical in ensuring its effectiveness. Established social networks such as Tumblr and Pinterest have ensured the capacity to spread, specialized social networks such as Storify and Vine have made sure that we tell the story from different points of view. New social tools like Qwiki, Flowboard, Dio have provided a fresh perspective and allowed to create great, high quality materials to spread on other social networks.

Key benefits

700+ tailor made materials produced and shared. 9 social channels of which 6 totally new for the cinema market. A sophisticated, focused activity centered around the passion that stems from the world created by Guillermo Del Toro.

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