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Effective Communication Coaching for Sales #coaching

Year: 2022
Client: SaaS Technology Solutions Company
Service: Business Storytelling Coaching

A Coaching Project to Gain Clarity, Power, and Passion 

SJ, a senior sales director at a high-tech company, approached me with a particular requirement:  “I wish to come across as assertive and decisive. My voice should project clarity, power, and passion whenever I am presenting. This is the kind of speaker I wish to be. ” 

Finding Your Voice

SJ and I engaged in a process that I call “finding your voice.” There isn’t one way to be a great communicator. Everyone needs to become a great communicator in their own personal way.

We started by recognizing the situations that led to ineffective communication and practicing in a safe environment. 

We also integrated upcoming presentations, quarterly reviews, and client meetings into our process. Coaching didn’t happen in isolation but helped with SJ’s weekly workload.  

The Result: A Confident Speaker

By our second meeting, SJ was reporting that he didn’t feel the need to use filler words and that his bosses had already praised his progress. We started applying a storytelling approach to dry corporate templates upon this foundation. 

We then focused on our most crucial communication instrument: the voice. SJ explored the organic characteristics of his voice and started seeing it as the glue that connects his personality with how he communicates. 

SJ himself best summarizes the result: 

At a certain point in my career, I needed a professional outside of my workspace who could provide an objective view and advice in managing some career-based hurdles. Working with Matteo was precisely what I needed. He brings a high degree of vitality and a refreshing & reflective viewpoint to varied topics. He guides you to places you were too scared to visit, and he is an excellent companion in the journey to self-discovery. I can highly recommend coaching with Matteo and shifting perspective.

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