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Lo Hobbit La Desolazione Di Smaug Year: 2013
Client: Warner Bros. Pictures Italia
Service: Social Media


Collecting, remixing, sharing official and fan based materials of the movie. That’s what we call an Action Plan.


Getting involved with the fans means seeing the movie with their very eyes, looking at materials from the point of view of attentive, passionate followers.

With this Action Plan, Warner Bros.has been able to interact and reach fans on many platforms that are usually left out by traditional social media efforts.

The only way to interact with fans is on an equal level. We don’t have privileged access, we see what the fans see, we like what they find interesting. In this way our voice on Tumblr and Pinterest is always authentic.

Being present on emerging platforms like Vine, Qwiki & Dio is a great way to see how versatile a great story is. Every visual, social and interactive interface or UX metaphor is perfectly suited to showcase the movie and its characters.

Movies find their natural home on the powerful stream of Tumblr, but our favorite platform is Storify: with its ability to save impermanent, fleeting tweets, its multimedia capabilities and its focus on stories it’s the most powerful platform that marketers are still not using enough.

Key benefits

Be found in the arena where the fans play their game. Produce, remix and share great social media content. Exploit six great and underused visibility channels.

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