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panini fandom Year: 2018
Client: Panini
Partner: made in com
Service: Digital Marketing + Social Media


We helped Panini launch the Fantastic Beasts Fandom Box: a new collectible product exclusively available through digital channels.


Innovation isn’t easy when your business is thriving. Panini is a leader in the traditional publishing business with a robust multinational footprint. Is the market going to be disrupted at any minute by a digital newcomer?

La Fabbrica della Realtà was called to create an experimental digital marketing funnel around one of the world’s most beloved properties: The Wizarding World created by the genius J.K. Rowling.

Together with the Fantastic Beasts Fandom Box, we launched new social media channels and an advertising campaign in partnership with Made in Com.

Key Benefits

By implementing the most advanced ad buying strategies and by optimizing the marketing funnel, we were able to provide the client with compelling evidence on the efficiency of the digital customer acquisition channels and report back precise figures regarding customer flow.

Our consulting approach shines also when we’re asked to implement the campaign, as we can take each step of the way as a learning opportunity.

Our pride and joy were not just being able to execute for a great company like Panini but to be able to learn together with them every single step of the way.

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