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Presentations: a definition

Presentations are an essential part of communicating both inside and outside a company.

Presentations can be supported by visual aids such as slide presentations, but can as well be focused solely on the speaker. Many factors influence the success of a presentation, such as the engagement with the audience, the level of interactivity of the presentation, the abilities of the speaker.

The core skills to master are both public speaking and storytelling. These two abilities need to go hand in hand in order to create a compelling, interesting presentation.

Remote presentations or virtual presentations have recently taken center stage: communicating effectively through video calls or webinars is a necessary work skill.

This site is full of resources to inform, guide and teach presentation skills.

Presentation Hero: our premium presentation course

presentation skills public speaking online master class

Discover Presentation Hero, a premium presentation course that you can follow free of charge. Start here.

Our best collection of free resources.

I’ve compiled an extensive list of all the best presentation skills training resources you can find online.

Learn & interact with my webinars

Almost every month I will be live with webinars on Eventbrite. Come grab your ticket for the next event.

Shortcuts to keep handy

My collection of the most useful presentation shortcuts for Mac and PC, PowerPoint and Keynote can be downloaded here.

Get serious about storytelling

What’s the next step in presentation skills excellence? It’s mastery of storytelling skills. Here are my best resources on the topic.

A presentation blog

A whole separate blog is devoted to my best resources on presentation skills.


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