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Storytelling: a definition

Storytelling is an often misunderstood topic. Yet a construct that we all use daily, both in our personal and professional lives.
Storytelling is not just the activity of telling stories, recounting events or telling funny jokes. But also a way of structuring information in a dramatic, and thus emotionally intelligent way.
A good presentation for instance is usually a great story. A well structured essay is also an example of great storytelling. So is a well executed and engaging business video.
Storytelling is everywhere: all advertising formats can be read through the lens of storytelling.

We take storytelling very seriously and we’ve studied it based on the works of Joseph Campbell on mythology. The steps of Cambell’s Hero’s Journey are deeply reflected in all communication work that is done at La Fabbrica della Realtà.

Business Storytelling: a match made in heaven

Explore the use of storytelling in business in my comprehensive guide.

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