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Digital Solidarity

Presentation Hero is proud to offer its best online course for free as the Covid 19 outbreak spreads and more and more people around the world are spending their days indoors. This terrible epidemic can be an opportunity to learn new skills. For those lucky enough to continue working remotely, I strongly suggest to start working on better communication skills.

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Presentation Design

Learn a presentation design process that allows you to be more strategic, save time, and create stunning slides with any presentation software.

Lesson 11 – For the Best Presentation Design Ideas, Go Back to Pen and Paper (1:34)

Lesson 12 – How to Design Your Slides Based on the Content of Your Presentation (2:36)

Lesson 13 – How to Start Thinking Strategically about Your Slides with Presentation Design (2:36)

Lesson 14 – Presenting Without Slides, Learn Why It Can Be the Best Presentation Design Solution (1:39)

Lesson 15 – How to Transform Your Content into Presentation Slides (1:57)

Lesson 16 – Save Time Preparing Your Presentation by Sketching Your Slides (1:34)

Lesson 17 – How to Prepare a Presentation Starting from Your Content (1:28)

Lesson 18 – How to Design Your Slides Starting from Your Audience (1:54)

Lesson 19 – 16:9 vs 4:3: How to Choose the Right Aspect Ratio for Your Presentation (3:47)

Lesson 20 – Presentation Design Ideas: 7 Ways to Get Inspired (2:21)

Lesson 21 – Color Theory for Presentations: How to Choose the Perfect Color Palette for Your Slides (4:40)

Lesson 22 – Quick Typography Guide: Choosing the Best Font for Your Presentation (4:21)

Lesson 23 – Create Your Own Presentation Layout Following These Simple Rules (2:07)

Lesson 24 – Discover the Right Way to Create Presentation Slides (1:40)

Lesson 25 – A Simple Guide to Editing Presentation Content (1:11)

Lesson 26 – The Right Way to Rehearse a Presentation (0:59)

Lesson 27 – Average Presenters Follow the Rules. Great Presenters Break the Rules  (3:19)

Seminars and Workshops

We provide presentation skills training courses that help you convey a clear message, organize your thoughts, lay out your slides, and deliver a TED-level presentation.

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We provide presentation skills training courses that help you convey a clear message, organize your thoughts, lay out your slides, and deliver a TED-level presentation.

Who is Matteo Cassese?

Hi! I’m a marketing consultant and an enthusiastic entrepreneur with experience working for multinational companies (Warner Bros.), teaching at a university (Link Campus University), and consulting for entertainment companies (Netflix). I’m a scholar of storytelling and have dug deep into screenwriting techniques, mythology, and trans-media narratives. This passion is translated in the simple structure template that you get in all my courses. In my free time I enjoy driving cars (fast).

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