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negative space woman mobile phone Custom 1

negative space woman mobile phone Custom 1

Social media are a broad range of communication technologies that ease the creation and sharing of information through virtual communities and networks.
Social media is shaping the way we get informed, the way we interact with each other and the way we perceive ourselves.

Social platforms present different challenges for individuals and companies. Each new social network has its own logic and success factors. Many require users to reinvent their message to fit the specific language found on each different site.

Immediate access and content production is now possible on mobile devices, thus simplifying adoption and engagement.

While the role of social networks is certainly to make us feel more connected, it has been observed that social media is not making the planet any happier. Social seems to be the new tobacco, with its many toxic side effects (addiction, apathy, excessive exposition).

Social media sites run continuous A/B tests in order to optimize for their preferred results. This fluid environment is particularly dangerous for companies.

Businesses on social need to translate their message, interact with a new breed of users, learn how to be more transparent and honest, all the while they find an attitude and tone of voice that speaks directly to their tribes.

La Fabbrica della Realtà helps clients with their social media efforts, from strategy to execution.

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