Social media

"I see a lot of companies investing huge resources on their social media presence, with very little results. Social media keeps them occupied and they lose sight of the bigger picture. It doesn't need to be that way."

You haven't yet finished updating your incumbent social media fan page, and you're already busy worrying about the rising photo sharing platform and the up and coming ephemeral network. You can’t finish doing customer service, that you need to start to push new promotions to the same unhappy customers. You can't seem to develop assets fast enough and spend enough advertising money to give those assets a minimum of visibility.

What's happening? Have we lost our common sense? What is all this work for? And how should we measure it?

Social Media

We define the objective with you and plug the necessary metrics to measure it effectively. We find the best channels to achieve your measurable goals and develop a tailor-made vocabulary and a grammar for each specific channel. We either handle the process for you, or train your staff. We help you negotiate the best opportunities when media buying becomes necessary.

We fine tune and provide evolutionary opportunities throughout the whole lifespan of the activity.

We've run campaigns for global franchises like Justice League, The Hobbit, Pacific Rim and countless more Warner Bros. titles. We've also got a knack for local European films like Tutti contro Tutti and E Fuori Nevica.

You should really hire us for your social media if:

  • You're not ready to pour resources in social media without a clear strategy.
  • You want a measurable and sustainable approach to engaging with your fan base.
  • You refuse to join a me too world of carbon-copy social media scripts that leave both companies and consumers disenfranchised and feeling fake.
  • You want to promote a movie, tv series, book, show, theatrical event, cultural heritage, art or music.

If you see yourself in these words, you should get in touch.
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