Congratulations, when it comes to presentations you are already part of a 1% elite group

Written by Matteo Cassese

Congratulations! By reading this article you already demonstrate that your are part of an elite!  You belong to a lucky bunch, a restricted club. You are be the 1%. Why? Because you know that there are steps you can take to become a better presenter. Because you feel for your fellow audience members: you would hate to bore them.


But the idea of growing, of developing your skills is equally important to you. You want to become better at something and you want to do it for the long term.

Do you know why you are even luckier? Because 99% of the people are not working on their presenting skills and so they are losing ground to you, at great speed.

Their inability to acknowledge that we are all in a constant learning process puts them behind, far behind.

When you acknowledged that there was a problem, you already won.
So, here is the opportunity to grow your communication, your thinking, storytelling, design, and delivery skills.

I talk about the thinking skills here for the first time. But as the lessons of my course start rolling from production, I realize that this is an important component of Presentation Hero.

The beauty is that after you use a strong structure to grow your thoughts and your ideas, this very structure can disappear under your valuable content. And this is great: nobody needs to see the infrastructure that you use to deliver your thoughts. All they need to see is your great content!

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