Video & recap of the 2nd Berlin Video Meetup on March 26th, 2014

Written by Matteo Cassese

I’m happy to report that the Berlin Video Meetup is now 2 events strong. On March 26th 2014 our 2nd get together was held at the Betahaus Cafe. My thanks go first to Vidibus and to my great co-host André Pankratz, without them this project would never have come to life.

We started off by showing Invasion from Moustache, a music video part of the Vimeo staff picks of the week. Later on we had some brilliant filmmakers volunteer to show their creations: Shane Sutton presented the animated short “Storm Coming” and Florian Sailer the short live action film “Comeback to go!”. Submissions are indeed open for new shorts, videos, show reels to be shown during the next meetup.

In the talks section we featured two different companies presenting together: Tim Kirchner from LUUV and Julian Engels from DreikantFilm shared their experience creating a video for LUUV’s crowdfunding campaign.

Our Lightning Talks section has been busy as always with the contributions of Alex presenting Trimmmr, Paul introducing a video project in support of 100% Tempelhofer Feld, Stephan showing us videos from his A2029 project and finally Darius asking help to create a video for his “bicycle thing” AKA Hang Load.

Here’s the video of this part of the event:

My gratitude goes to two awesome people: Jan and Katrin who have been instrumental to the success of this event by making sure that we have been live streaming on the Internet and in keeping the timing of the event in check. Thank you for that!

Apologies are due because this time we don’t have the full video recording of the event due to audio problems. We are looking for a fix and any audio volunteers for the next meetup are very welcome to chip in with their suggested setup. Get in touch!

I look forward to the next event towards the end of May. For this event we are looking for suggestions regarding new talks and videos to show. If you want to suggest a talk or a video to be shown please submit it here.

For all and any further info on the meetup please don’t be shy and register at

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  1. Iwan 'qubodup' Gabovitch

    Thanks for assembling this material and videos! luuv didn’t want to be on video? What a shame, they were great 🙂


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