Video & recap of the 1st Berlin Video Meetup on January 29th 2014

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The first informal get together of the Berlin Video Meetup hosted by myself and my fantastic co-host André Pankratz was held on the 29th of January 2014. Our thanks go first and foremost to Vidibus, without this exciting project this meetup wouldn’t exist, and to Betahaus, our charming, helpful hosts. Last but not least we would like to thank each and every attendee for making this event a success.


The recording of the event is below:

After some necessary introductions we have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Zoltan Vezdenyi from Sofatutor, an online learning platform that relies heavily on video and with Sam Muirhead from Camera Libre, a platform for spreading the use of open source software & hardware in the video world.

Zoltan’s presentation is a company profile with a focus on the video production process.

Sam’s presentation is packed with information, tips and his demo has been very insightful as to the whole video editing process using Free Software Tools

My thanks go to them and also to the lightning talk speakers: Anna from VideoPath, Tjago from Alternation, Jacob and Oli.

What do the videomakers of Berlin look like? You can see for yourself in the photo gallery.


The photo above captures the only thing that we are unable to document in writing: the drinks, the networking and the conversations that happened after the formal presentations. Most of the attendees stayed for quite a long time to exchange ideas and provided some great feedback.

It’s with great pride that we are announcing that the 2nd Berlin Video Meetup will be held on the 26th of March at 19:00. To know the location and RSVP you are welcome to log on to

We are going to feature presentations and show some video (yeah, sorry for not having actual video on this first event). If you want to suggest a talk or a video to be shown please submit it here.

[All content from the Berlin Video Meetup is released under the Creative Commons Attribution license: CC-BY]

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