Top 20 Presentation and Public Speaking Blogs (2014 edition)

Written by Matteo Cassese

I’m a bit of a blog junkie and my RSS reader is always overflowing with new stuff to read. When it comes to presenting and public speaking there are hundreds of blogs. Among those I have selected the top 20 that you shouldn’t miss. Well, naturally that’s just my opinion. And I look forward to hearing yours.

Let’s begin!

1. Presentation Zen

Presentation Zen header There was a time when there was nothing, then came Edward Tufte, and after that Garr Reynolds. What started as a blog became a series of books and a business. Presentation Zen is an indispensable resource for anyone who is serious about presentations. Garr’s prose is emphatic, his examples practical and hands on, and his inspiration always original.

Presentation Zen – Twitter: @presentationzen


2. SlideShare blog

slideshare SlideShare is now a presentation mogul owned by one of the most trusted companies in Silicon Valley: LinkedIn. The slide-sharing platform has done wonders in spreading the idea that presentation can be a great medium for conveying information even outside the board room and on social networks. The SlideShare blog is a great way to discover new content, highlights effective techniques and allows you to follow the latest trends in presentation design.

Slideshare Blog – Twitter: @slideshare


3. Duarte Blog

duarte If presentations were a country, Nancy Duarte would be the President. She’s a bestselling book author and has created a thriving business around presentation design. On her blog she and her staff provide insight, techniques and advice on presenting.

Duarte Blog – Twitter: @duarte


4. Prezi Blog

prezi There used to be a time when Prezi was an alternative presentation platform. They are now firmly entrenched in the mainstream, as is their blog. Check it out if you are looking for sound presentation advice together with a selection of the best Prezis on the platform. Don’t miss their weekly roundup and – if you haven’t already – check out their 100 presentation resources page.

Prezi Blog – Twitter: @prezi


5. Scott Berkun

scott Scott Berkun is a keynote speaker, best selling book author and generally just a smart and fun guy. His blog is not only focused on public speaking, but he also delves into a variety of topics that, if you’re into presentation, you’ll find interesting anyways.

In addition, Berkun works for Automattic, one of the best companies in the world in terms of company culture. That’s a big, big plus!

He’s also really active on twitter.

Scott Berkun blog – Twitter: @scottberkun


6. Speaking.io

speakingio Speaking.io is my new favorite resource when it comes to public speaking. Zach Holman from Github has put together a collection of presentation resources specific for techies that need to tackle presentations. I love his videos and you can see that he’s going places.

speaking.io – Twitter: @holman


7. Note & Point

note Note & Point is not really a blog, rather a curated collection of inspiring, perfectly executed decks. Sometimes the best way to get inspired is to see what others are able to accomplish with a medium. Note & Point gives you just that: on demand, slide-making inspiration.

Note & Point


8. Ethos 3

ethos Ethos 3 is a presentation design and presentation training firm, one of the many professional shops in the field. They are eager to share their knowledge in a lively, frequently updated blog. Their trademark is the “tips in 140 chars or less” series.

Overall very good quality content and advice. One to watch.

Ethos 3 Blog – Twitter: @Ethos3


9. What the Speak?!

whatthe Bryan Kelly has a familiar voice for many presentation enthusiasts as the host of “What the speak!” – a podcast that features eminent presentations experts, public speakers and coaches. No, it’s not a blog. But it’s a great resource presented in an entertaining and fun format.

What the Speak?! – Twitter: @WhatTheSpeak


10. Indezine

indezine Indezine is one of the most active and popular resources when it comes to presenting with PowerPoint. Geetesh Bajaj provides a regular and healthy does of daily tips to make the best of the Microsoft presentation software. But don’t just look for the news: Indezine has an extensive repository of guides, tutorials and templates spanning from image manipulation to presenting with the iPad.

Indezine – Twitter: @Geetesh


11. Public Words Blog

The Public Words Blog is an institution when it comes to effective, actionable public speaking advice. The blog is deeply linked to the coaching and training practice of the Public Words. Certainly a favorite in my rss reader.

Public Words Blog – Twitter: @publicwords


12. Manner of speaking

John Zimmer’s blog is a simple, colloquial and pleasurable read with a very special bonus: a whole section devoted to analyses of speeches

Manner of Speaking – Twitter: @ZimmerJohn



With a modern design and well illustrated articles and infographics PPT POP is one of the new blogs to watch in the presentation space. The blog is authored by Clemence Lepers, a marketing ninja living in Shanghai.

PPT POP – Twitter: @pptpop


14. Ellen Finkelstein Blog

Ellen is one of the most active presentation coaches and PowerPoint experts on the web. She’s been in the presentation space for a long time and provides both software specific tips and broader presentation resources.

Ellen Finkelstein Blog – Twitter: @EFinkelstein


15. Idea Transplant

The blog of Jan Schultink is a collection of brief and interesting thoughts on presentations, marketing and business. Certainly worth tracking.

Idea Transplant – Twitter: @ideatransplant


16. SlideGenius Blog

SlideGenius is a presentation design shop from San Diego, California that shares presentation tips and tricks on their blog.

SlideGenius Blog – Twitter: @SlideGenius


17. Bright Carbon

Head over to the Bright Carbon Blog to find the point of view of professional presentation trainers and consultants from the UK.

Bright Carbon Blog – Twitter: @BrightCarbon


18. Stand Out From the Crowd

If you get over the scary looking header image, Jim Harvey’s blog is full of useful presenting tips. The blog is focused on PowerPoint and Prezi.

Stand Out From the Crowd – Twitter: @impacttips


19. No Sweat Public Speaking

Speaking in public is associated with fear of public speaking. Fred Miller specializes in just that on his blog.

No Sweat Public Speaking – Twitter: @fredmiller


20. Speaking PRO Central

This site aggregates a number of popular public speaking and presenting blogs, by linking to single articles, providing a convenient way to follow a great number of sites.

Speaking PRO Central


The long tail of public speaking blogs.

There are a ton of good resources in terms of public speaking that did not make the cut of my very subjective “top 20” and those are listed here for you to browse, look around and evaluate.

Soap Presentations Blog – Twitter: @SOAPprez

Make a powerful point – Twitter: @powerfulpoint

The Virtual Presenter – Twitter: @RogerCourville

Speak Fearlessly – Twitter: @SpeakFearlessly

Nuts and Bolts Blog – Twitter: @Nuts_BoltsPPT

All about presentations – Twitter: @aap_blog

Speak up for success – Twitter: @jezrakaye

Michelle Mazur Blog

Professionally speaking

Presenternet Blog

Finally here you can find some great resources that have lacked some serious updates in recent times.

Presentation Magazine – Twitter: @presentationmag

Six Minutes – Twitter: @6minutes

Presentation Advisors – Twitter: @story_jon

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  1. Craig Hadden

    Thanks for the list, Matteo. Here are a few more, and I think just one of them is on both lists, so that gives people plenty to choose from!

    Also check out the comments at the bottom, for other blogs that people have added. (By all means drop a comment there with a link to your own site too!)

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