Think possible, become a maker, start coding now

Written by Matteo Cassese

You should start programming as soon as possible, and if you haven’t done it in a while you should go back to it right now. Coding is not only for programmers or mathematicians and not only for boys. Us common earthlings can program too, girls well included.
The coders attitude will introduce you to a new world of possibilities. It will change your world view, influence your life phylosophy and help you in every life project.

This is the top 10 reasons coding will help you become a better person:

  1. by recovering your ability to learn
  2. by allowing you to be a rookie again and remember how lost you feel in a new element
  3. by honing your planning skills
  4. by requiring your focus and attention
  5. by possibily creating the base for a new job
  6. by letting you enter an exclusive club: the coders club
  7. by making your mind more flexible and open
  8. by transforming you a maker
  9. by opening you to new possibilities
  10. by teaching you a new simbolic language you can use to describe the world

The coders attitude is being open to creating new stuff out of nothing. This kind of mental attitude is increasingly important in this world of perfectly finished objects and arcane engineering. It’s sobering to create something. But more than that, it’s empowering to create: today you can make something that yesterday wasn’t there and, in the meanwhile, experiment with very many of your abilities. Not only your logical mind, but your capacity to plan, your forward thinking ability, your concentration and focus.

Once acquired the coders attitude teaches you to keep an open mind: new objects can be found, created and manipulated and new properties can be added to known objects in your programming language. The world inside the code is ever changing. It’s a continuous learning process, a constant exercise in being open to new and diverse stuff.

Start coding now. It’s a great day to start. The plat du jour is Ruby. Here is a simple guide to start from: Ruby in 100 Minutes.

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