TEDxBerlin City 2.0: we need cities, our cities need us

Written by Matteo Cassese

There is much that our cities, the spaces we share and we live in are still not doing. But a lot of work is being done in the multidisciplinary field that we can call “city 2.0”.

As a results of the 2 day TEDxBerlin on September 9 and 10, it seems that the city 2.0 doesn’t just need specialized professionals to devise the new patterns of our living together, but each one of us to take some (even small) issue at heart.

Spaces can define our mood, our level of perceived security and comfort, can invite us to be playful, attentive, caring and loving. But ultimately the space can only design a pattern, it’s us that need to take part in the interaction.

This interaction is clearly about making commonalities more visible. We have new platforms that can be used in old places to renovate, reinvigorate the communities that live in them, increase cohesion and happiness. It may be citizens organizing around apps like changify or the wave of collaborative consumption opportunities that make us share our private spaces.

The good news is that we are on the road to go back to interacting in the physical space. Because there is a reason why we are spending so much time depending on our smart devices: many parts of the city are still too boring.

TEDxBerlin was magnificently organized and produced in the same rich and efficient way in which the original TED conference is setup.
I love the way Sophie Koch has linked together the themes and speeches of this event in the prezi below.

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