Newsletter – October – The gift of rest

Written by Matteo Cassese

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This summer I gave myself the gift of rest. I traveled through Europe for almost two full months. I went up in the Alps and down by the sea. I drove 8.643 Km, most of them with the top down and the sun on my skin. And I ended up intoxicated by resting.

How do we bring rest into the busy winter months? Here’s my top 7 list of suggestions.

Sleep more: switch off your devices and close your eyes sooner at night. A restful sleep does wonders to your day.

Exercise: this is the best companion for sleep. A mild to intense workout has the power to boost your energy and your mood. There’s nothing better.

Give less space to work: try to commit to working less hours with more intensity. Cut distractions by giving yourself less time. You’ll do what’s important and feel much more productive and satisfied.

Spend more time on vacation: this seems obvious, and yet elusive. Find mini vacation spots close to home, do something different during the weekend. If travel is not possible, try to get out of your routine.

Look at beautiful stuff: stunning landscapes, good looking creatures and wonderful works of art are a source of “free” rest.

Give priority to your peers and your passions: add to your todo list the stuff that energizes you and makes you feel good.

Stop chasing money, start valuing time: that’s the most complicated of my suggestions today. We always think we need more money, more achievements, more success. Instead we would benefit much more from just having more time.

Below you find the usual collection of curated resources.

the myth of the eight hou 435159 1

The myth of the eight-hour sleep

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night and feel guilty because you’re not using your sleep time right? This article will cure this (wrong) feeling of guilt and teach you how to sleep better.

the rise and fall of work 399239 1

Productive on six hours of sleep? You`re deluding yourself, expert says

Seven hours minimum: so the experts say. And in this case I believe them.

not even remotely possibl 407866 1

Not even remotely possible

How to increase your rest time? Try eliminating your commute.

why every movie looks sor 427644 1

Why Every Movie Looks Sort of Orange and Blue

Rest, in the sense of contemplation. In this case we look at the aesthetics of Hollywood movies. Beware: after reading this you will never be able to look at a cinema screen in the same way.

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