Newsletter – June – Quality

Written by Matteo Cassese

If I have a wish for the world is to collectively communicate and work better. Much better.

But today I want to focus on the quality of work. I’ve always liked offices, like the ones depicted in Mad Men. Since I gave up corporate life and started working in a home office, my interest has become ever more practical and intense.

Now I’m responsible for my own corporate culture, my own productivity, and my own office space. And I am always wondering if the spaces I create are making me efficient or not. And also if being productive will actually make me happy.

I’ve started with following what David Allen says about productivity: I applied Getting Things Done. Then I discovered how to involve the body while working, through a standing desk. I’ve also added more vertical surfaces like a whiteboard, walls of Post-it notes and even started scribbling on the windows. I also added a very specific soundscape to my office. I’ve tried to tame disruptions by eliminating email notifications and keeping my cellphone out of reach. And every day I ask myself: am I doing it right? Am I expressing my potential? Am I doing the right work in the right way?

I would love to hear your thoughts, learn about your productivity rituals and get a picture of your office setup.
In the meantime please find the most interesting links from the world of work that I’ve collected in the past month.

sofas and surveillance te 340388 1

Sofas and surveillance: Technology firms and the office of the future

Most of the offices I visit deeply reflect brand values, encourage social behavior, but don’t make anyone more productive. Are we wasting a great opportunity?

jamboard 357625 1


Speaking of offices: everybody needs a whiteboard. And Jamboard just promises to be an improved digital version. Too bad it’s still too expensive for me to test it out for you.

how pixar lost its way 348487 1

How Pixar Lost Its Way

For 15 years, the animation studio was the best on the planet. Then Disney bought it.


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