Newsletter – January 2018 – Inside Hollywood

Written by Matteo Cassese

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Inside Hollywood

Every day for the last 15 years I’ve been marketing a movie or a TV show. This month I want to focus on my work, that also happens to be my passion.

To be successful, cultural products need to resonate profoundly with one person. But to be sustainable, they need to reach hundreds of thousands or even millions, and in some rare cases, billions of viewers.

That’s why cultural products need marketing, like humans need air to breathe. This week we go have a look inside Hollywood.

Starting with:

Is Hollywood *finally* ready for the digital revolution? The entertainment industry is about to face the turmoil that has already revolutionized the music industry. Here’s my pointers on how to they can weather the digital storm.

And also:

What’s the relationship between Hollywood and social media? Is it a bad romcom? Social represents the most important channel for most cultural businesses. How is Hollywood performing? My answer in this second article.

That’s it for this month. Let’s keep in touch.

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Is Hollywood (finally) ready for the digital revolution?

Nobody is safe from digital disruption, not even the major studios. In this article I explore how disintermediation, data, popularity, channels, consumption and viewing habits are bound to change the movie business.

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Hollywood’s relationship with social media: a bad romcom or a happy ending?

What’s the state of this ever evolving relationship? What can we learn from Hollywood? And is there anything that Hollywood should learn from us?

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Social Hollywood: how social media changed showbiz forever

From casting to distribution, from production to PR, this is what you can learn from the impact of social media on the cinema business.

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Themes of La Fabbrica della Realtà

I just launched this brand new section of the website where you will all the themes and topics most relevant to La Fabbrica della Realtà.

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