Newsletter – December – How to end 2017

How do you end 2017 in style?
My favorite way is by writing an honest, transparent, all-encompassing review. It’s not about being overly ambitious about your new year’s resolutions. My review celebrates the year that passed, enumerates the accomplishments and recognizes my emotions.

Reviewing your year may be comforting or unsettling, easy or hard, sweet or bitter. But it will always put you back in sync with who you are and force you to reflect on what you wish to do.

The beauty of a review, in fact, reveals itself 12 months later, when you can look in retrospect at your desires and wishes. It’s a potent tool. It puts you in front of your past self and allows you to appreciate how you changed.

The final element of my end of year recipe is to publish it on my blog. I write it like nobody is going to ever read it, but make it public to the world. This allows you to become my accountability buddies. Would you be up for that?

>>> Click here to read my 2017 yearly review.

Here are my best wishes for a fantastic 2018. Hope you have a great one. Stick around, it’s going to be exciting.

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