Newsletter – August – Offices, are we doing them all wrong?

As promised, we’re back to one of my favorite subjects: offices and how they relate to our productivity.

I know it’s an odd time to think about work, but bear with me.

I recently saw one of the best looking, better organized silicon valley office in the world. And that got me thinking: what are the standards of a top rated office. Can you uphold the same standards in a small office or a home office? And even more importantly: are those standards any good?

The answer to that question is in my latest post: One office is not enough

One office is not enough

Last week I had the chance to get a tour of Netflix’s new headquarters in Amsterdam. They just moved into a stunning space in a great location. And that got me thinking: how does my home office stack up?

The Rise and Fall of Working From Home

Let’s look at the contrarian argument: too much working from home may not always be the best solution.

Some Apple Park Employees Said to Be Dissatisfied With Open Office Design

Even Apple is struggling with this. They built a spaceship looking new office that should represent company values. But are struggling to retain talent used to working in personal spaces.

The open-office trap

What are the origins ant the consequences of our love of open offices? This is the witty take of the New Yorker Magazine.

Clash of the coworkers: how open-plan offices make us more antisocial

If we all work side by side in an open-plan office or hot desk, moving from place to place, it’s sure to increase collaboration! It turns out that may be wrong.

Office Snapshots

Corporate cultures show off their design sense in this site chock full of offices carefully shot so that they are as beautiful as an office can be.

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