My WordPress blog is ready to become smarter, how about yours?

Written by Matteo Cassese

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I just joined a new terrific team, entered the world of semantic technologies (again), joined the IKS community and started a beta program for a new WordPress plugin called WordLift.

I love wordpress, so I feel very much at ease as a Software Evangelist for WordLift, a plugin that promises to make your WordPress blog much more intelligent through semantic technologies.

We have announced the Beta Program at the IKS Salzburg Event. See the post on  the WordLift blog to get all the details and drop us an email if you are interested in joining.

This is an overview of Wordlift:


This is the status of the project as we presented it in Salzburg:

P.S. I should also mention: through the photo above I also introduced my mohican to the interwebs.

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  1. dotcoma

    So, are you back in Rome, Matteo?

  2. matteocassese

    I’m quite nomadic, but definitely not back in Rome…

    BTW Don’t you find that location is overrated? I switched my Twitter profile to Location: Wordwide.

    • dotcoma

      it’s overrated if you’re happy where you’re living 🙂


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