Matteo Cassese

Matteo Cassese

I am a digital marketing consultant specializing in entertainment and culture active in the Italian market. As a consultant I provide my expertise to creative and cultural industries, including the visual arts, the performing arts, cinema, the media, publishing, entertainment, tourism, fashion, design and luxury.

I’ve been loving the web from day one: in 1993 I was working as a Unix system administrator and a Web Developer. I’ve also been blogging and writing in various forms since 2001. I also like to apply my entrepreneurial skills and thus over the years I have been involved in many different projects: filmizer, trailerflow, OUT as YOU, Presentation Hero.

I am active on my blog and you can subscribe to my almost monthly newsletter.

I’ve spoken at many conferences including SXSW Interactive, Campus Party, Newthinking, Unicorns, Wordcamp. My experiments, thoughts and ideas have been featured in press outlets such as: La Stampa, La Repubblica and on digital media such as Product Hunt, Launching Next, Startup Jungle, Mela Morsicata, The Perfect Job and Italian Indie.

I live in Berlin.

Let’s get a tea or a beer together if you’re in town. I’m also active in the whole of Europe, while I maintain a special focus on Italy.

Matteo Cassese

My work experience spans from an early ISP (Flashnet), to a web agency (Interact), a 3G telco (Ipse 2000) and a multinational entertainment company (Warner Bros. Pictures).

In my 7 years at Warner Bros. I have contributed to the production and distribution of more than 140 films.

During this time I have also enjoyed teaching a course on Multimedia and Interactivity at the University of Palermo. I also occasionally collaborate with the Link Campus University. I’m a proud juror of the Accademia del Cinema Italiano for the prestigious David di Donatello prize.

Planning, preparing, designing and delivering presentations is one of my passions. You can sample my presentation skills through my YouTube channel. My presentations can also be frequently found on the Slideshare homepage.

I have started my consulting business in 2011 and I am proud to be able to present some great examples of my recent work as case studies.

You can also explore the graphic below or look up my profile on Linkedin for a more traditional curriculum.


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