Entertainment Marketing Plan Template: Don’t Start From Scratch

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Drafting a marketing strategy is hard. There are hundreds of different aspects that need to function in unison. And all these aspects need to form a coherent document that you can present and share.

You shouldn’t start from scratch. What I am providing here is what I use everyday with my clients. This is a proven template, developed through years of work, first as a marketing decision maker inside a Hollywood major, and then as a marketing consultant for all sorts of entertainment clients.

I never start from scratch; this is the base of my work. Today I’m sharing this document and the advantages it provides you with.

Ready-to-Use Marketing Plan Presentation Template

The template comes in the form of a presentation. You just fill in the blanks and complete each slide.

Each slide asks a specific question that you need to answer in order to go the next one. It flows logically from the initial assessment of your product, to research, positioning and media, all the way to specific activities like social media, PR, online PR and your special activations.

You can see the template on Slideshare at this link and through the embed below.

If you want to edit the presentation on Google Slides or if you prefer to download it as a Powerpoint document please follow the link below.

Download the Entertainment Marketing Plan Template or edit it in Google Slides.

What is the structure of this document?


In this section you want to explain what aspects of your movie, show or brand you want to highlight; what you consider to be your challenges; and how you want to be perceived by your final customer.

It’s critical to be honest in this section, as you will need to highlight discrete elements of your product and uphold a subjective point of view.


No marketing plan can exist if it’s not backed by numbers. In this section you will collect and present the most important numbers relating to your release or launch. The numbers with a $ sign in front of them are the most important. Popularity figures are now everywhere on the web and on social media.


Competition helps keep you honest. Understanding the competitive environment is also the key to making your marketing advantage evident to your final consumers.

Spend enough time understanding where your product stands relative to competitors.

Campaign Strategy

Based on your positioning, research and competition, this is the core marketing strategy you will adopt. This is how you will spend the money. This is where your efforts will be channeled. And in terms of your presentation, this should be its core.


Once your strategy is defined, you should provide guidelines to develop the creative assets that will get your message across. You don’t need to actually create them in this phase, rather, make sure those who read the document understand the general direction you want to pursue.

Social Strategy

Not every launch needs social media support. But honestly, most could benefit from a well-thought social strategy. In these slides you will address the most critical strategical decisions to base your social plan on.

PR & Online PR

There are many different aspects to cover in a PR and Online PR effort. Here I wanted to summarize the most basic use of live events and a traditional press support. For your specific launch you may need a different mix of PR tools and approaches.

Special Activations

Most campaigns are not remembered because of their banner ads, poster art or social ads, but rather for that special stunt that went viral, for that (well-planned) leak, for that mind-blowing special content. That’s why a marketing plan cannot be complete without ideas that go the extra mile.

Channel & Partner Marketing

Partners come in many different forms. They could be companies that have acquired licenses. They could be media partners, or just the partners that help you distribute your product (channel partners). It would be great for you to have a plan for them. Can you provide them with specific materials and guidelines?

That’s what you’ll find in the 52 slides of the Entertainment Marketing Template Presentation. Now it’s your turn to fill in the blanks.

To download please use the link below.

Download the Entertainment Marketing Plan Template or edit it in Google Slides.

Still here?

A template helps, but it would be great to have someone assist you every step of the way and develop the perfect marketing strategy.

That’s what I do for my clients everyday. Please use the link below to start a conversation. It’s as easy as letting me know your email address.

And if that’s not what you’re looking for, please feel free to add a questions or comment below.

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