Doodling the demos at Battle Hack Berlin

Written by Matteo Cassese

Battle Hack from PayPal looks like a very promising open innovation initiative: the idea is to integrate the PayPal payment system (I know, nobody likes their fee) inside civic, local apps and hacks. The hackathon will travel far and touch 10 cities. The first installment was held at the gorgeous Wooga office just a few steps from Alexander Platz the 9th of June.

I don’t particularly like offices, but Wooga’s office just blew me away. I just love the location, the space, the light.

The teams were many, the organization pretty good, the bar very well stocked, the location stunning. Only problem in my view is that there weren’t so may  original ideas. I attended the demos in the auditorium and the awards ceremony. In the end one of the less original hacks – a mobile version of an existing web app –  won the event thanks to its tight PayPal integration.

Click to view a larger version

Click to view a larger version


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