Digital Product Design

"Where do products come from? The question has always fascinated me. I feel the need to dispel the mystifying and mysterious aspects of product design. Everybody should be able to create great digital products."

Product Design is the core process of entrepreneurship. Each and every successful company is based on a winning product design or service, scaled to fit a wider public.

Creating digital products has never been easier: plenty infrastructures, easy modules, common frameworks make implementation easier and easier every day.

The challenge is not the building phase. The real question is whether to build and what to build. That's where the design component comes into play.

Product Design

We would like to help you discover your target audience, interview and debrief them, gather all the insights. We would like to organize these insights in a coherent marketing message to stimulate the curiosity of your target. Then we will support you in building a minimal functional prototype in order to test the viability of the product: from marketing and specifications to target and ideal price.

We will relentlessly work with you until you reach the holy grail of entrepreneurship: product-market fit.

We don't want you to go through a standardized process, but to build up your knowledge and your product together with us.

We've experienced the hardships and immense rewards of product creation while working closely with Wordlift and developing our very own Presentation Hero. These experiences have taught us to respect the process enormously. Developing products is as hard as it is rewarding.

You should really get in touch with us if:

  • You're not satisfied with a standardized approach to value and product creation and believe that every venture is unique.
  • You want not only to have a great product, but to learn a ton through the process: we're not an outsourcing studio, we work with you and your resources.
  • Your product or service lives mostly in the digital space and has to do with culture, arts or entertainment.

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