Hi, my name is Matteo Cassese and I’m a digital marketing consultant and entrepreneur.

My experience spans between working for multinational companies (Warner Bros.), teaching at university (Link Campus) and consulting for digital unicorns (Netflix). I’ve collected the most insightful stories from these experiences as case studies.


I have published a website since 1993 and a blog since 2001. In 2011 I founded La Fabbrica della Realtà, an innovation laboratory focusing on digital marketing for culture and entertainment.

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As a student of storytelling, I dove deep into the process of story creation, writing and script-writing. My  passion for effective communication led me to create seminars and workshops on productivity, presentation skills and public speaking.

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Over the years I have nurtured innovative startup projects focusing on entertainment (Filmizer, Trailerflow), on digital identity (OUT as YOU), on education (Educazione Globale) and training (Presentation Hero).
nnovative ideas can take any form: my latest product is a solid wood standing desk.

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Don’t take my word for it.

Here is what some of my colleagues, students and clients had to say.

Paolo was my lead when I was consulting for Netflix: “Matteo played a pivotal role in setting up and launching our digital marketing strategy in the Italian market. His tailored approach and team building integration is unique in the consultancy world and makes him a unicorn in terms of fitting into a fast paced, innovative tech environment like Netflix.”

Paolo Lorenzoni

Director Marketing Italy, Netflix

I’ve never met Francois, but he’s followed one of my online courses: “[Presentation Hero] has already changed thoroughly the way I deliver my presentations. Guess what? I just arrived from a 3 hours presentation that made my audience fall from their chair. True story! People immediately signed up. After lunch I was confirmed to become their partner in sales development.”

Francois Laporte

Financial Consultant

Maridé was my lead during a consulting gig for Panini: “The difference and the value added by La Fabbrica della Realtà is the willingness to share the strategy, by involving the client in all phases of the project and transferring know how. I recommend Matteo as an excellent guide to everyone who’s getting serious about digital media.”

Maridé Cipolletta

Content Manager & Special Projects Supervisor, Panini

I’ve worked together with Barbara at Warner Bros. for many years: “Matteo is an extremely skilled and brilliant manager in the entertainment and movie business. His expertise covers both the new media and marketing fields. He is hard working, loyal, very bright and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Matteo for any position that requires responsibility, quick problem solving, and independent action.”

Barbara Bozzi

Senior Marketing Manager Theatrical Media, Warner Bros.

Let’s take thIS  to the next level.

02020 My Year In Review

02020 My Year In Review

Every year since 02014, I’ve published an honest and public review of the year. A certain degree of fear is vital (wear your mask, wash your hands, avoid indoor spaces, stay away from crowds), worrying about your loved ones is caring, but too much worry can also be paralyzing,  In early March, as the pandemic was still scarcely understood in Europe, I was filled with anger: why were we doing nothing?

Open Training: How To Teach and Learn Anything Together With Your Clients

Open Training: How To Teach and Learn Anything Together With Your Clients

Open Training is a way to deliver training experiences for my clients, creating personalized training just for them. In this process, we get to know each other, run experiments, and solve real business problems. The outcome is better group dynamics, higher individual satisfaction, and immediate business results.

Customized Training: How My Customers Taught Me To Stop Shouting

Customized Training: How My Customers Taught Me To Stop Shouting

The trait most likely to bring you success in marketing is listening. Lucky me… My customers heard: “Matteo is open to be our coach, to be on our side, to help us overcome the marketing, communication, and productivity issues we are facing right now.”

In the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Netflix, Warner Bros. Pictures, Panini, MYmovies, Sony, Poste Italiane, WordLift, Xister and many others.

Transform Your Zoom Calls Into a Full-On Production

Transform Your Zoom Calls Into a Full-On Production

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