How To End a Presentation Assigning Actionable Tasks To Your Audience – Part 9

Written by Matteo Cassese

We left off on providing a summary to our audience, now we need to translate the wisdom of our presentation into something practical.

You should provide something that your audience can apply in their everyday life, at work, at home, during their fitness routine; it should become a new habit for your audience that is picked up right from your presentation. In other terms, it’s your gift, it’s a gift from you to them. It’s not something you can apply to a 100% of presentations, but give it as often as you can.

You spend most of your presentation making sense of data and transforming this data into meaning for your audience. And maybe your audience understands its meaning and they maybe transform it into a memory. But let’s say we could add to this memory something actionable. Actionable to-dos actually help cement your presentation into a lasting memory for your audience.

But now, our presentation is coming to a close, we’re reaching the end. How do we end? We could end on a hope or wish, we could end on a word of wisdom or quote, or we can also end by giving a business related call-to-action to our audience.

We have to talk about call-to-actions, but let’s say that you have given a lot of content to your audience. Maybe you can ask for something back: for them to sign up somewhere, for them to try out your product. As you remember, we were going downhill. We went from the climax to the summary, and from the summary we are at the to-dos, and now it’s time to end.

But, how did we start? Well, we started by studying our audience, getting to know them and starting to motivate them. But most of our presentations are spent actually between these two points: the transformation and the reaction of your audience. As we cycle between these two points, we create the value of our presentation, all the way up to the moment where we can provide the climax, and then, you already know it from there.


  • Provide a gift to your audience whenever you can
  • Transform your data, your meaning into a habit

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