Presentation Ending Slides: Closing With a Summary – Part 8

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After the climax, after this high energy moment, we have to find an effective way of ending our presentation.

Ending a presentation is allowing our audience to start going back home, going back to their day, going back to their life… but changed, changed by the core transformation.

At this point, you can provide some bullets. You can provide a list and this list represents what you’ve covered in your presentation. It’s a summary, but it doesn’t need to be a bulleted list. I want to suggest a different way of seeing this list.

Why don’t you take your audience flying above your topic? What I’m talking about is giving them a bird’s eye view of what you’ve covered. Flying is great, flying is exhilarating and flying is gives a fantastic emotion, an emotion that charges you. You are not only charged and excited, but you have a feeling of dominating the landscape, of being the master or mistress of the land.

Flying gives you a different perspective, a wider one, a perspective that you didn’t have before. But not only that; it also allows you to see how far and how wide your travel was and how much of the topic you’ve covered.

Provide a summary right after the climax. You do that because you can benefit from the excitement of the climax, so that the summary can really sink in your audience. In fact since they come from this climax, it will be easier for your audience to make sense of what you say. They will understand you more fully, but they will also remember and memorize what you say more easily.


  • Don’t provide just a list, take your audience on a flight, give them a bird’s eye view
  • Make them feel like they are flying, give them this new perspective
  • Help them make sense and memorize your presentation

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