Presentations Always Have One Goal: Change – Part 5

Written by Matteo Cassese

Whether you want it or not, your presentation is about change.

Your presentation is about a transformation. You are going to transform your audience.

This may seem like something very abstract, so let’s give some examples of the kinds of transformations you will elicit in your audience during your presentation. You may shift the point of view of your audience towards something that is familiar or unfamiliar to them. You could get them to see something up close, closer than they usually see it. You could introduce them to a radically new concept that can grow inside their minds. Finally, you can take something familiar, but make them feel differently about it.

Every presentation is really about a transformation. Every type of presentation, and no type of presentation is excluded. Let’s look at some of those types: For instance, in case you are doing a pitch or marketing presentation, you are creating a new concept in the minds of your audience. In the case of a training presentation, like this one, your audience is transformed by the process of learning your material. In the case of a sales presentation you are creating a new desire and growing this desire in the hearts and minds of your audience. In the case of a motivational and informative presentation you’re trying to change the relationship between your audience and the topic that you are presenting.

It’s really important you know that there’s no presentation if there is no transformation. This is the only reason why you would step on stage and present.

What is this transformation in practical terms? Your presentation has a beginning and an end and the transformation is what happens between this two moments. If we look at the presentation in this way, we can say that your whole presentation is about change, there’s no one point of the presentation that is not about a change.

We will call this change the core transformation and we will use this term throughout Presentation Hero. You can have more than one in your presentation. Let’s say that you have a longer presentation, you can have more than one core transformation. And the core transformation is the basis for the whole structure of your presentation. Exactly! You can build all of your presentation on top of this core transformation, and you know what’s fantastic about it? Is that it’s the one thing your audience will most easily remember. So, focusing on the core transformation will be the base for the structure but also the memorable takeaway that your audience will take home.


  • Find your core transformation, focus attentively on it
  • Structure your whole presentation around it and make it the basis for the success of your presentation

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