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Excellence in Presentation Delivery Starts with Rehearsing – Part 28

Written by Matteo Cassese

Let’s imagine that your presentation is ready. You have all the slides, and now you need to prepare because very soon you will meet your audience. What should you do?

In my opinion you should rehearse as much as possible, because if you don’t, there is no way you’re going to deliver the core transformation in the best possible way. There’s no way you can deliver value to your audience.

However, there’s a lot of people that resist this idea of rehearsing. They say that they don’t have time, but I wonder. If they have time to think about their presentation, they have time even to prepare slides and visuals, how come they don’t have time to rehearse? They’re just not planning for it.

They also say that rehearsing will make them sound fake. But it’s actually the contrary because rehearsing will make you sound more confident, and sounding more confident will make you more believable.

Your delivery is way more important than your visuals. Your delivery will be remembered by your audience much more than your visuals. Devote way more time to rehearsing rather than spending a lot of time polishing your visuals.

In Presentation Hero rehearsal happens already inside the design process. Wherever you have a sequence you can already start rehearsing and there are multiple points during the design process where you can stop, take a step back, and rehearse your presentation.

But now that you have your slides ready, make sure that you devote as much time as possible to rehearsing.


  • Plan enough time to rehearse your presentation

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We provide presentation skills training courses that help you convey a clear message, organize your thoughts, lay out your slides, and deliver a TED-level presentation.

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We provide presentation skills training courses that help you convey a clear message, organize your thoughts, lay out your slides, and deliver a TED-level presentation.

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