Start a Presentation Effectively by Engaging your Audience With Your Biography – Part 2

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Your presentation is coming from you. But does your audience know you? Are you sure that everybody in your audience knows you? So tell them your name. Even if the M.C. introduced you and told something about you, repeat your name. Why is that? Most probably everyone in the audience knows you already. But there might be someone who still doesn’t know you. And in this case, a little repetition will not hurt at all.

Now, imagine that your presentation is just starting. You’re in front of the microphone. What should be the first thing that you do? Well, in my opinion, your job is to motivate your audience, is to light them up, to give them enough reason to follow your presentation. One thing you can do for that, is to provide a bio of yours. Now, should you recite your whole resumé? Probably not a good idea. But why don’t you stay between five and 20 words and simply help your adience put you on a map, help them locate you, help them define you with two or three words, by understanding in what field you’re an expert and what is it that you are all about. Providing your name and your bio are a the way to highlight your humanity and to help your audience realize that they can relate with you and that maybe they can follow your presentation as well.


  • Tell your name—highlight your humanity—
  • Help you audience put you on a map by providing a very short bio and start motivating them .

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