Mastery Of The Topic Is The Essential Presentation Skill – Part 10

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For this lesson we have to tackle something really important, because when we’re presenting we are at the center of the stage. Everyone is looking at us, and what do they see? They see our abilities and we need to be ready for that spotlight. We need to be ready to shine because even if we’re very good at delivery and have all the tips and tricks in the book, that won’t save us from lack of knowledge.

In my opinion, mastery is the one essential presentation skill. I want to propose these two possibilities: in one scenario you go to your boss, you admit that you are not ready for presenting, you go to a conference organizer and you say maybe I can present at the next conference not at this one, you go to your peers and you say “Hey, I’m not ready, I need to study some more.” In the second case you hit your audience running and you fail publicly, right in front of everyone.

Which of the two scenarios is the one you want to go for?

Because there is no shame in admitting that you are not ready and that you just need some more time to train, some more resources, some more time to study.

Mastery of the topic is the one essential presentation skill. It’s the one thing you cannot do without. Consider yourself a defender of your topic. Consider yourself as the person that needs to help the topic reach the audience and this is your crucial mission, and if you are not a master of the topic, that is absolutely not possible.

Congratulations! You’ve just finished this module. Take a moment to think about what you accomplished. You’re on the way to becoming a Presentation Hero, and this is a great time to share your accomplishment. Not only because you have the right to brag, but because what good is being a presentation hero if all your peers cannot do presentations as well as you do?

So, please share your accomplishment and invite your peers into this journey. The sharing buttons are to your left.


  • Knowledge is the one fundamental, essential presentation skill
  • There is no shame in admitting that you are not ready

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